A Fart Thread.

So I ate a can of Trader Joe’s Chili for lunch today at work.

It was the right amount of delish and now, hours later, the after effects are starting to make their appearance, much to every living member of my house’s annoyance.

My area right now has a tinge of the chili smell to it that makes me want to have more chili. :smiley:

My question to you, Gently Reared giggle Dopers, From the Mouth Taste to the …um…blow hole, what food(s) have you noticed have a near identical …bouquet from nose to …ozone?

Absolutely none.

The toxic fumes coming out range from odorless to noxious gas that would rival rotting maggots on crack. :eek:

Sadly, nothing smells the same coming out as it did going in.

My god, Shirley, get yourself to a research clinic and have them cultivate your digestive flora. Being able to fart chili aroma would be a boon to all humankind!

Turkey and gravy. Smells like sage going both ways.

Big Eddies BBQ Baked Beans.

Big Eddie weighed 400 lbs if he weighed an ounce. He drove around in 10 year old cadillacs (with tortured self adjusting air-suspensions) and the BBQ he made was the stuff of legend.

But more than the BBQ, it was the beans that made a platter of nirvana. It wasn’t “what are you gonna have?” it was “what are you gonna have with some beans?” And they had the exact same smell coming out as they did going in.

I miss that man’s beans

Earlier this morning in the 1:00 time frame, I had typed in a nice reply to this and tried to preview it when the board was taken down for maintenance. I even had the presence of mine to copy it to the clipboard but that was lost when I logged off. I did not have the presence of mind to save it elsewhere, so I’m having to repeat from memory.

I had said something like:

With this thread, Shirley Ujest, you have solidified your place in my Top 5 SDMB posters! Very few here have your combination of wit, irreverence, originality and verve, and I always enjoy every post of yours I see.

Now, to the topic: I agree that chili and its offspring in Tex-Mex cuisine has the most distinctive combination of going and coming aromas, but several others that have shared that trait include:

  1. Ginger-garlic stir fry dishes and other Asian preparations
  2. Indian curries and stews with a lot of spices I would be afraid to try to identify
  3. Any number of Cajun dishes that seem to be heavy on whatever’s in the spice cabinet at the time
  4. non-chili barbecue sauces of the heavy persuasion

None of these is as predictably violent as chili, but all tend to sweeten the air in the same general direction as the cooking aromas.

Wouldn’t it be great if way back in cooking history, as definite combinations of spices were being tried and accepted as normal for a particular dish, that it was after-effect that was the guiding principle?

It could happen…

Interestingly enough, I am very big on probiotics and digestive enzymes. That may have something to do with it. Every day, after a meal, I feel a vibration in my lower ab that is exactly like a cell phone vibration. I keep my phone in my coat pocket while I am at work, but it throws me off ever day.

I know it is all the supplements I take fighting it out in my gut.

Slightly related: I LOVE spicy food. Good, HOT* Spicy food (Not REALLY REALLY HOT…just HOT)

A local Mexican restaurant has the Green Chilé of the Gods™. It took me 8 or 9 months to realize the Volcanic event I had 2 - 8 hours later was related. Which is funny, because my Reptilian Hindbrain was responsible for the Endorphin Love on the front-end, and the pain on the back-end…but the Reptilian Hindbrain has no short term memory.

Not arguing – really – but surely you’ve heard the ethnic “joke” that goes

Q: How does a/an (insert ethnicity with hot and spicy cuisine) know when it’s time to eat?
A: His asshole quits burning

I tend to think there’s some memory at work there, of some kind.


That sensation is referred to in our group of friends as The Ring of Fire (C)

The Ring of Fire is of course responsible for activity in The Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Kinda weird when you think about it, giving each rectal outburst its own number.

French fries have this lovely effect on me. I know it doesn’t seem physically possible, but I’m tooting out fried grease smell an hour after eating them.

What kind of beans were in the chili? I grew up with chili made with kidney beans, and that’s what I always used when I made it; I always had a lot of flatulence after eating it, and so didn’t make it for many years. It never occurred to me that the kind of bean had something to do with it. Recently I decided to try it again. Found Bush’s chili beans (which are pinto beans) and used them; I had no problem with flatulence, and my hubby loved it too. So chili is now a regular menu item for us.

Rectal Outburst. BAND NAME!

From one warm place to another:

Hard boiled eggs. Then again, they have that sulfurous smell going down…

Definition of a true gourmet: One who can smell another’s fart and identify what they had for dinner last night.

White Castles.

On Super Bowl Sunday I made a big batch of my famous bean dip. I ate a bunch of it. I also made a pot of chili. I ate a couple bowls. Between the two I lost a bet to my grand daughter and had to eat a piece of broccoli. Later that night while lying in bed I let off a little excess pressure.

It smelled just like the broccoli.

Damned cruciferous veggies!