A Good Day at the Junkyard!

Mundane, Pointless. Perfect for this forum!

So, I discover via the online inventory of the local chain of junkyards that there is an Italian sportscar recently placed. Chic, thought I, as in need of a speedometer drive unit am.

Alas! There is was! Easy to remove, only a little 30 yr old dirt and grease in my eyes. This piece is between $90-129 from the shit-hooks online (used, to be sure!) Content in my find, I decide to wonder about and see what else I need.

“The Jeep” has a mysterious electrical problem, possibly in the ignition swith. Intermittent at best, despite all attempts at repair. Found 2 late 60’s Jeeps with the same swith and yanked both. My hope was to use the innards to repair mine, but I get home and HOO BOY! One of the switchs uses the same key as mine! What are the chances?

Found a “Brand-New” deep lug off-road tire, perfect size for “The Jeep” and another servicable one to replace the down-to-cord rubber I have now.

Picked up a few tiny tasty bits along the way as well.

Out the door for under $50!

Nothing like a good day out in a yard. I guess the best deals I ever got were for my 1988 (deceased February 2008) Festiva- a tail light assembly, third brake light, and driver’s seat for $50. Another yard had quoted me $35 for just the tail light.

I’ve had a couple of days like that. I bought an intercooler, a turbo, an engine computer, and a suspension computer for $75.

We have a surplus store in my city and it’s amazing the exact stuff I find there. I once found the screen for an old microfish reader for $1. a complete trim head for my gas trimmer $4. and the best find ever, a master switch for my airplane for $1.50. Those go for $75 apiece and I stumbled across a bin of them from an aviation shop. I read the part number in total disbelief. Sadly there are probably lots of electrical connector parts but it would tough to find them amongst the non-aviation stuff.