A great guy and poster, Q.E.D. {RIP}

Michael’s sister emailed me to let me know that Mike had died.

It’s a sad, sad day.

He was a great source of knowledge and an all around decent guy with an awesome sense of humor.


Sorry to see that.

Very sad news.

Oh man…

This is very sad. Always wondered when he would be back again. I missed him in the Doperverse.

I thought he was still a regular poster? What happened?

RIP. :frowning:

Way too young. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

It’s been a bad year.
Such sad news.

He was suspended for a month, but didn’t resume posting after his suspension was over.

Yeah, it really has.

My sympathies to his friends and family as well.

Oh, damn. That’s a kick in the teeth.

Such sad news.

My condolences to his family.

Man, that’s a damned shame.

Very upsetting news. I wish his family peace.

Whoa, we grew up in the same hometown. I didn’t realize that. Anyway, surprising and sad news.

Rest In Peace.

A bad year all around.

I’m so sorry to hear this.

Indeed. ISTR I owe him a new keyboard from a few years ago. Apparently I said something funny once.

Good-bye, Q.E.D.


Oh my God no. I just got this weird email. Oh fuck no.

may his memory be eternal.