A GREAT mixed drink...

I didn’t discover it, but a friend of mine ran across it by accident. We were playing some online Vs action on Command and Conquer 3 and he ran out of Coke with his Captain Morgan. All he had that was liquid was Orange Gatorade, so he chanced it. I gotta tell you, if you like those Orange Dream bars, you will LOVE this. Orange Gatorade and Captain Morgan tastes exactly like these bars. MMMMM. I highly recommend it!

My old local bar makes a damn good Orange Freeze. They use orange sherbet in their’s. Orangina is a good mixer for a lot of things, too. I’m fond of OranGINa.

I used to make a drink that was milk/cream, orange juice, vodka, and triple sec. Basically, a white russian with orange liqueur instead of coffee liqueur. You can find recipes like that for a drink called a “creamsicle”, I believe. I bet it would be good with vanilla vodka.

I invented a drink called a “Red Archie” that was pepper vodka, tonic, lemon.

And, one that I call a “Munich”. It’s essentially a Manhattan with a bit of kirschwasser in it.