A "How do I use Facebook? question (public friends search)

Just got a chat-type message pop up from a friend on FB. She’s new to the thing (almost as new as I am), and also is visually impaired. She asked if I know how to do a “public friend search.”

Well, I don’t, but I told her I’d ask around. I also asked if she’s heard it called anything else. No word back on that yet, but can any Dopers tell me what a public friends search is (and how to do one)?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know about “public friend,” but if you want to search for a friend’s name to see if he is on Facebook, just type the name in the search box on Facebook.

I’ve never heard that exact term used in relation to Facebook, but she might to look at the “Friend Finder”, which searches facebook for email addresses in your address book from other websites (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and prompts you to contact those people. It also can send out invitation to those that are not found.

Personally, I’ve never used it because I’m not interested in finding a wide range of my past contacts – I prefer to search specifically for only the select few people I’d want to be connected with via a social networking site. But there’s link to it and some similar tools on the far left column of your Facebook home page, under the heading “Get Connected”.