A journal of a podcaster... or a weakassed cover for a pleas to listen...

ok this may be a promotion thread… in fact I’m sure that is what this will become so if you are still reading after these sentences then you may be the type of person I am gearing this post for.

That would be an audience I guess. Otherwise a group of people who would like to watch, in semi real time, the rise and fall of a pod cast.

Ok some background… are you still reading??? holy crap that would make you one more person that is actually listening.

A couple of friends and I have decided to release a series of bizarre radio plays I guess sort of based on the Twilight Zone idea of an anthology series with twist endings (you’ll note I did not add the term clever in the description) This is supposed to be a comedy series. Currently we have gone 14 weeks with thirteen (ooo mixing numbers and

Ok… nice work…I posted before my time… well that shows my professionalism and junk.

Let me continue. The show itself is a parody of the old scifi/horror radio anthology series. We improv a thirty minute show… usually in 35 minutes, edit out nose whistles and any junk spots such as long pauses or breaks and then add sound effects.

Currently we have had downloads around teh world but nothing that would indicate anything special… though for two minutes we were convinced the folks working on the Hobbit in New Zealand were downloading our fantasy episode “Living in Udder fantasy” when we had several dozen hits from the area after release.

Anyway aside from trying to get new listeners… (note I have given no links…yet) I thought I’d start sharing a journal of the crap it takes to get even slightly noticed in the giant sea of info that is the intranet.

Im going to seriously try to avoid turning this thread into an advertising thread so only this once will I give any indication of the two places you may download and listen to the show (for free).

So the show is “Mysteries of the mind…” available as a podcast from itunes as well as podomatic http://mysteriesofthemind.podomatic.com/

I guess what I’m looking for is a place to bounce off my thoughts and get any feedback if any on this as well as advice from others out there doing the same.

We’ve been going a while but I’ll tell you it has been hard… without any feedback such as “you guys suck” or “I like your stuff”, even “it was ok” would help us go in a direction.
Stay tuned for my next post Episode 2: WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER?

kingpengvin, we do allow people to promote their artistic endeavors – in Cafe Society – with prior permission – and a coherent OP. I’m going to lock this, but if you ask the Cafe Society mods (marley23, Ellen Cherry, and myself) real nicely, we’ll let you try again there.

I’m going to close this one, though.