A journey thru the MMP

I was determined my house would not be filled but it isn’t working so well.

I envisioned 4 glasses, 4 mugs, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, 4 forks, and 4 knives. HA! Four spoons is not nearly enough. And then I needed mixing bowls, and serving bowls, and steak knives, and paring knives, and butcher knives, and ladles, and serving spoons, and spatulas…

I envisioned a pot and a skillet. Then I needed a cookie sheet. and a smaller pot and a bigger skillet, and some baking dishes, and then a pizza pan, and a muffin tin, and a mixer…

I envisioned a shed with a lawn mower. Then I needed a rake, and a shovel, and a snow shovel, and a weed whacker, and a leaf blower, and snips, and lops, and clippers, and a hose, and a bag of salt, and mulch, and an outdoor extension cord…

I envisioned the cabinet under the sink… a bottle of all purpose cleaner, dish washing detergent, dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, and fabric softener…
now add sponges, scrubbies, carpet shampoo, Nature’s Miracle, stove top cleaner, bleach, mouse traps, stainless steel cleaner, borax, oxyclean, lysol wipes, trash bags, glass cleaner, hand soap, dishwasher cleaner, wood polish…

It never flippin’ ends.

I have adopted a cat, Lily. She’s hiding in my bathroom.

Pictures and more in tomorrow’s MMP.

swampbear, we’re still missing bookshelves for the living room. Once we get those into place, and everything is put away, then we’ll talk about more stuff - but we only have a 3 bedroom apartment. Besides, more stuff may have to wait - Bowserette #2 has got a serious boyfriend, and Mrs. Bowser is guessing that the wedding may be within the next 12 months . . . so more stuff may not be on the horizon just yet.

Tugig - congrats on kitteh!

Philly has (had?) a Full Moon Saloon. I was never in it, but I believe the dancers would give you the mostly full moon*.

  • PA law is if they serve alcohol, the dancers must wear g-strings & pasties. If it’s a BYO place (those usually charge a keep-'em-cold &/or an opening fee) then they can be nekkid. So one can see nekkid wimen & have booze, you just gotta bring it with you. :rolleyes:

I did a load of laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the litter box, cleaned the pet bowls, and cleaned the kitchen. Making mesquite poke chops with sweet **N.O.T.**s and blacked eyed peas with jalapenos and ham. Hockey is on in a little bit.


Congrats Lily on your new servant. :smiley:

Bowser, when I moved this summer, I lost 90 square feet but gained a ton of usable space thanks to well designed built ins, floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets and a laundry/utility room. The semi open floor plan of my last apartment had a lot of open space. That’s not a luxury that’s practical in a one bedroom apartment.

Congratulations on the puddy tat 2gig! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures.

My friend flaked on the installation. If he doesn’t show next weekend, I’ll find someone else to do it or a YT video.

I fixed a pot of pinto beans, a pepper jack quesadilla and a spinach and tomato salad for supper. It’s tasty.

Grilled 6 pounds of burgers, ate two burgers and some beans, and soon to head in to watch Black Sails. Tomorrow back to Da Jungle.

Dindin has been ingested. Stouffer’s does a fine lasagna IMHO. Tomorrow night is men’s night over to the church house, thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. There’s some leftover cabbage, carrots, and N.O.T. from last night’s shindig that I shall warm up. Should be yum!

Lily congrats on choosin’ gigety as your new servant. :smiley:

Bowser this means you will have to store stuff your daughter gets as weddin’ presents until she is settled into her own place with the spouse. Thus, you get to acquire stuff. WIN-WIN! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh squeee!!! What can you tell us about her before tomorrow?

I did about 5 loads of laundry cooked beet greens and Chinese dumplings. Hubby was in an out as he has a long time friend leaving to go back to Maine. Friend has been battling prostrate cancer for several years and may not make it back again.

I watched Fences with Denzel. I cried. I liked it.

I had a few beers and am almost ready to call it a day. Gotta get an early start tomorrow. Work drama I have to set right. Insecure ppl suck.

Butters how cool is it that Denzel came over to watch a movie with you! :smiley:

On that note, we shall now retire unto the boudoir to watch teevee until sleepy time.

Thus endeth Sunday.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

The place has been spiffified. Of course tomorrow morning we will vacuum, and dust, and wipe things down again before he gets here because no matter how much I clean around here everything still looks dirty.

I can’t remember who said it, some actress I think,* that it is impossible to relax at home because anywhere you look you see something else that needs to be done*.

Congrats 2Gig!

The Full Moon Saloon in Fell’s Point is a biker bar. Nice place though.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. :smiley:

Lilly the 11 year old rescue. I am told she’s a Norwegian Forest Cat, and the details appear to support this suggestion.

We MUST have kitty pictures!

Kitty picture duly aaawwwed at. More, please? :slight_smile:

I’m working on them. She’s begun exploring the room.

I don’t think I’m getting much sleep tonight…

In an effort to adjust to the asinine changing of the clock I mostly slept all day Sattidy and stayed up most of Sattidy night so was ready to conk out at 0800 last night. Now here it is 0145 and I am wide awake. It’s much too early to go to irk but if’n I go back to sleep there is no guarantee I will be awake at a decent hour. So, I have to decide right quick whether to get on up now or risk it.

In my dottage change is not easy.

2Gig you have done it now. The black and white cats will own you and will not be ignored. She is a pretty girl though. Good luck on your new feline overlord.

I have some irk drama I have been stewing over all weekend and I am not sure how to handle it. Our fitness director who I consider a professional lied on my clerk and insinuated she was lazy. She claimed her cleaning person told her some crap that I know for a fact was never said. I run a drama free office and this girl is doing nothing except trying to stir up some BS and for no reason than to start some shit. The clerk she chose to pick on is one of my best workers. She comes from a family of wealth and privilege and is not working because of the $13 per hour I am paying her. The woman is a 30 yr retired school teacher and a Navy brat. I have to defend her but I have to do it in a way as to not alienate my colleague. When I asked clerk if she’d said what I was told she got very angry and mentioned ageism and her lawyer father. I have to diffuse this somehow. It has worried me all weekend cause we just don’t do drama.

Fingers crossed I handle it correctly.

swampy you are a smartass. Anyone every told you that? I do like Denzel and recommend the movie. We had a grand ole time me and Denzel.

Happy Moanday everyone.