Nature's Soft Nurse MMP

O sleep! O gentle sleep!
Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
2 Henry IV (3.1.7-16)

Happy Moonday!

Like Butters, I cannot sleep.

I crashed at 11:30, and was awake shortly after 1am.

I wish I could blame it on the dog waking me. Which he did, but Sah-son got up to attend to him. Then I woke up and have been since.

Hopefully I’ll get a nap in sometime before the direct tv person gets here. I took the day off irk, so I can go to bed early if I don’t.

it’s a chiily and dark 33 degrees outside. Supposed to warm up to 53 but we’ll see. It might rain. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m not the one who will be out on the roof installing a dish.

I’ll need to order groceries today to pick up tomorrow, or Wednesday should be better since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.
I have a few bills to pay today. If the transfers have gone through I may do that now and get it over with.

We’ll be having leftover pizza today. I ordered from Papa John’s last night, and now I remember why we don’t order from him. The crust is gooey and the pizza has no taste. It actually tastes better after it gets cold.

I’ve been doing Graphic Design homework all weekend, struggling with trying to understand the limitations of Pantone Spot Colours, particularly in the Adobe apps. Boy howdy do they not want to work together helpfully on this. Why such an incredibly powerful suite of programs can be so integrated in some ways, and knock heads in others is beyond me.

For the Designers and Printers amongst you, you’ll probably be aware of the struggles. I’m new to that particular world. Here’s the art I was working on, using just three colours, none black.

(A separate project I am just starting is an album cover in the style of Patrick Nagel’s Duran Duran art. I chose The Corrs instead.)

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work.

Looks nifty, BatBoy. Although art with no black in it loos unusual.

From last MMP:

Kitty! Squee!

Hi kitty.

Spent a pleasant weekend with Jay and family and Mom. Jay & Co left yesterday, Mom is leaving today after two weeks in my house. I’ll be able to get home late* without walking in to a woman who’s fretting I might have been kidnapped by a man in a white van! I feel so grown up!

  • where “late” is defined as “more than fifteen minutes after quit o’clock”.

Blurf Decided to stay up so I am already at irk. One thing is there is not very much traffic at 0500. So here I am. I guess I will try to finish the budget while it is still quiet. Or at least work on it some more. It’s not due until the 31st. I always overthink it anyway. It is just a plan or so they say. I like to try to “guess” as close as I can.

Anyone following along from my last post in the old MMP I have to deal with some BS first thing when the world wakes. Still unsure what to do but I know I have to address it to placate my clerk. I hate drama especially stupid, crazy, nonsensical BS.

Happy Moanday everyone.

I can’t believe it - 3 nights of good sleep in a row!! That probably means I won’t sleep at all during the work week, because that’s how my life seems to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

**Tugig **- pretty kitteh! She’s about the same age as my Taz but has as much hair as Ziva, so she’s kinda sorta a combination of both of my cats. Except mine are both gray. But still… Oh, never mind. :smiley:

Boss will be out today - he’s going to a funeral in Baltimore. Fortunately, I have a metric assload of work in my basket tower. After work, I’ve got to go by the eye dr office to get my specs adjusted - they pinch on my nose and I don’t want to bend them and break them myself. I’ll let the pros do that.

And thus beginneth my week. Happy first day of spring - I think the equinox was about 3 or 4 minutes ago. Happy Moanday!

I often find myself missing rosie. I’ll think about something or look back at my Facebook business page and see her comments. :frowning:

I miss rosie too, although when I saw the pics on the news of all the snow piling up in her part of the world, I was kind of glad she wasn’t having to deal with that.

I sleep very poorly, I am usually either too hot or too cold at night and never seem to find the perfect temperatures. The cats are on and off the bed at night, Shadow isn’t so bad because he is a night prowler so he appears in the early hours and sleeps at the bottom of the bed so I just eventually notice a furry lump by my feet. Ophie is the opposite, she is very demanding and if she thinks I’m awake then it must be time for fuss. I must be getting used to nights of broken sleep because I seem to survive the day without too much trouble, but I am always tired.

Gigitty - that’s a very pretty kitteh :slight_smile:

It’s grim and grey here, been raining solidly all morning and shows no signs of brightening up. On the plus side, I don’t have to go anywhere tonight so once I’m in, the doors and locked and the world stays outside!


Like sari and butters, got up way too early this morning and nappage will be an option. Drove about 500 miles yesterday on a Braunsweiger run (hey, 60 years of eating habits are hard to break) and that wore me out, so I thought I’d be sleepy, but nope, 0430 and I’m awake. Bah.

2gig, nice cat; soon you will be as daft as all the owner cat owners here.

Nava, family is…family. Have a peaceful week.

Batboy, nice artwork.

Soccer gets going this week, 4 practices planned with games on Saturday; but rain is forecast for Tuesday and Saturday, so I guess we’ll see.

Thinking about going back to bed.

I miss Rosie too.

2Gig - did I tell you you have a pretty cat? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to go back and look.

My cat is being a pest, a cute pest, but still a pest. He knows if he scratches his post instead of the couch he will get some treats, so he will go over to his post and peek around at me while he is scratching to make sure I notice.

Some cool stuff Batboy

Like you Butters, I hate drama. Especially at irk.
I don’t what to tell you to do. I used to be diplomatic and all that good stuff, now I’d be likely to tell everybody grow up and behave themselves, then go in my office and slam the door.
Menopause will do that to you.

Full Moon Saloon (from last week’s thread) was a cool pub. It was mostly bikers, but it was very laid back and as long as you minded your own business, so did everybody else.

I’m tired but I’m not tired - too weird.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 46 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 76 and N.O.S. for the day. A Spring day on the first day of Spring! Today I shall spiff da cave and not much else. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house as well. All that should be enough to keep me outta trouble but one never knows with me. :smiley:

BatBoy cool stuff!

gigity kitty is purty!

Butters hope everything goes well re the irk drama. This is yet another reason I am glad to be retired.

Sari hope your DirectTV person is as good as the one who installed my dish. He had it all done in about an hour. I hardly knew he was here even.

OK, I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, well, I suppose I should purtify a bit and then begin cave purtification.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

That would be nice Swampy, but according to them it will take 3 hours and 5 minutes.
I already have a direct tv dish on the porch roof, but they said I would get a new one. I hope that means they will take the old one with them.

The tireds are hitting me now.

Good morning!

Over the years I’ve shared space with numerous critters of all sorts including many cats, but always while married. Last year when I bought a new home I met a friend of a neighbor who rescues cats.

Of course I was pressed for adoption but I have felt my long hours would be a disservice to any creature and resisted. However recently I was introduced to Lilly (can’t decide if 1 or 2 Ls) who was given up after 11 years with a family.

I have long held the belief that my days of pet adoption will be centered on aged pets who need a nice home to spend their last days in. Everyone wants a kitten or puppy, but there’s plenty of needy, grateful older critters who need a home, so that will be my ‘thing’.

So Lilly was dropped off yesterday and I spent the day hanging around her to get her used to me. She doesn’t fight me when I pick her up, and though I predicted a long night she was absolutely silent overnight and I slept well. I found her curled up on my computer chair this morning.

I will keep her restricted to my bedroom and bathroom for a few days before releasing her to the house. It doesn’t look like I’ll have issues, the house is pretty cat proof and she appears to be very careful.

More photos as they present themselves. Right now she’s pretty cagey about getting photographed.

I sleep pretty well due to Benadryl and Restoril. The Restoril is an anti-anxiety drug (I have sleep anxiety–I worry about not sleeping) and it turns off my brain. I may be awake, but I don’t care! It is grey and icky today. Lots of lightning and hard rain last night.

Lil(l)y is very pretty. Thank you for dopting her.

The school bus stop can be dangerous. I saw one kid (wearing just a short sleeve shirt & bookbag on top half) slide out when going from his street to the sidewalk because yesterday’s snowmelt froze overnight. It’s only going to be a high of 52° & sunny today, but was obviously below freezing this morning as there was ice & he was in just a short sleeve shirt. Walked a little bit further to see another kid trying to cut down the [del]snow[/del] [del]sleet[/del] ice (after melting & refreezing) covered hill wipe out & land on his butt. Moral of the story, kids: Don’t go to school it can be hazardous to your body.

Then I was driving to irk, NB on the 3-lane, no shoulder expressway bridge when I notice a vehicle heading SB :eek: in the outer lane…a bicycle. :eek: :eek:
Why he’s on the expressway I don’t know. Why he’s on the expressway going the wrong way, I really don’t know. Especially because there’s a local road bridge less than 100 yds upstream. :smack: He’ll be very lucky if EMS doesn’t need a spatula for him!
2gig: [Pepé Le Pew]Ooh La La![/Pepé Le Pew]

Much-needed lunch break. I’ve had to re-do some real pain-in-the-butt drawings and it took all morning. After I eat, I’ll go back and check them and I hope I didn’t miss anything. Brain is fried.

Can’t wait to get my specs adjusted. The bridge of my nose hurts!! Stoopit glasses…

Terrific kitty!!!

I’m having one of those days when I miss everyone human and otherwise. My Tailcat and Sam the Dog, Patches the Time-Share Cat, my Dad, Popsi, Muvver, Unca Tom – just everyone. Almost all the memories are good; I just wish there had been more years and more of them.

But on the other hand I have a smile because I’m going to work today. And the odd fates that brought me to Da Jungle brought a whole load of new people and good memories into my life; people I would have never met otherwise. And in a way I get my wish – I have more years coming and more memories to make.

As my one coworkers always says about me ---- I’m yin/yang with feet. :slight_smile:

Da cave is more or less spiffed, meanin’ maybe it could be better but it’s better than it was, so I’m callin’ it a win. :smiley:

Ruble there are days I think about family, friends, pets etc who are long gone and get all nostalgic as well. The memories are there and mostly good.

TV guy got here early, right after A DAMN Cat took a hot steamy stinky dump down the side of his litter box.
I had just woke up and was getting ready to vacuum.
Now the dog won’t stop barking.
I told Sah-son to pay attention to the corner where the TV is when he vacuumed,and the poor guy pulls out the TV and a dust bunny hopped out with it.
This is why I hate having stuff done.

All done, now I have to figure out all the new channels.
The guide he gave me is not helpful at all.