A Laborious MMP

Since it’s Labor Day in the US, I thought I’d give us all a chance to tell what we want/wanted to be when we grow/grew up, or what we wish we’d done. Or interesting/unique/terrifying jobs we’ve held in the past. Whatever. It’s not like anyone cares what the MMP OP is anyway! :smiley:

I’ll post mine shortly.

Happy Moanday!!!

First! Yes I am juvenile enough to do this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ though I don’t know why. Ok, maybe it’s because I was sound asleep at eight p.m. last night cause I was tahrd. Anywho, 'tis a foggy 74 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 92 and hawt for the day with a possibility of rain, as usual.

As far as dreams and aspirations, I thought I wanted to teach until I did so for a year and a half. Kids were great everything else just sucked so I decided no way could I do that for forty years. Heck, as long as I make enough to pay the bills and afford some luxuries in life I’m good. Really, I decided on that a long time ago.

Now I shall have more caffiene and mayhaps feed rumbly tummy. Or go back to bed. It’s a holiday here in the USofA so I can be all willy-nilly like that. :smiley:

Happy Labor Day to all the Mumper Amurrkins! Happy Monday to everybody else!

swampy, such juvenility is why my original goal to be a teacher would have been a bad one! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was born in 1954 and most of my school years encompassed the 60s. Even tho the world and attitudes were changing at the time, I grew up in a Leave It To Beaver world where there were boy jobs and girl jobs and few crossovers. Girl jobs (at least in my mind) were nurse, secretary, and teacher. I didn’t like icky stuff, so nurse was out, and from a part-time job with my dad, I knew office work/secretary was out also. Therefore, I was to be a teacher, since I knew I didn’t have the talent to be a movie star. :smiley:

Sadly, my high school guidance counselor was quite old, so she was of the same mindset. Despite my high scores in math and science, she thought my talents would be best applied as a teacher rather than encouraging me to consider a career in science or engineering. But if I knew then what I know now, I’d have chosen a different school and I’d have majored in mechanical engineering instead of studying foreign languages in an all-girl liberal arts college.

It wasn’t till I talked to a Navy recruiter that I discovered many more doors were open to me, and that ultimately led to my engineering career. I did enjoy the various things I got to do over my working years, and I think the only big change I would have made would be studying mechanical instead of aerospace engineering.

Or I’d have become a ballerina. But that dream was dashed when my folks couldn’t afford dance lessons for me. :frowning:


Happy Moon Labor Day

I am up way too early because my bladder woke me, and I woke Sah-dog who now isn’t feeling well and won’t lay down and go back to sleep.
He is in and out and up and down and won’t take his pills.

It’s a dark 71 degrees outside with a projected high of 88.

Unlike most kids I never had any idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. For a while maybe a teacher, at one point a vet, but I more or less fell into the jobs I’ve had.

My first job was on a horse farm, then I went to McD’s which led my mother to joke that I went from shoveling shit to serving it. Then a bank teller, then into computer operations, then into computer programming, with various part time jobs, bar tending, belly dancing, selling Tupperware, then into pet sitting.

So today is going to be spent trying to get some aspirin into Sah-dog as well as going to the store to buy dog food. Sah-son says he wants to get a hair cut, I need to send off an email to the realtor and then it’s going to be irk.

Up, caffeinated, and off to irk.


I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up- luckily, I’ve still not grown up, so there’s still time :smiley:

According to my parents, my first career choice was being a witch, if that helps?

Anyway, plans for the day include startin’ off this years batch of blackberry wine- I’ve already been out pickin’ berries this morning, but I need to go get some yeast, sugar and lemon.

I’d have been a ballerina except for the fact the tutu made my butt look big. :smiley:

I went back to beddy bye for a bit. We have had a brekkie of cereal, milk and toast. OYKW is purtifyin’ cause he wants to go to Sam’s Club and Staple’s. I am bein’ taken to N.O.L. I’ve been told. Not asked, mind you, but told. Woe is me. Forced to go to N.O.L. against my will.

As a child I wanted to be a veternarian. Then I got older and began to understand all the icky things I’d have to do to the cute animals, up to and including putting them to sleep. So that was out. I went to college to be an accountant and realized in my senior year I didn’t want to be a CPA, but finished school because a business education never comes amiss. When I was twenty eight I thought I had a call to the ministry.(swampy, I was still Lutheran then) I went to seminary for a year and loved it. Grades were ok, I liked working with the people in the congregation I was attached to. Then I went home for the summer and the district review panel I met with didn’t clear me to go back. Very long story. Worst event of my life. I’ve had three bad things happen to me in life, the other two were my divorce, and an assault. If I could eliminate one of them, on account of the pain, it would be that day with the review panel.

Don’t forget eye of newt. :slight_smile:

I wanted to go places without my parents. Evidently, the lesson is “be careful what you wish for”.
The Kidlet takes after his aunt; I don’t know what will he do, but so far we share a love of problem-solving and an affinity for helping people one-on-one. He can be very patient with slow people but doesn’t suffer fools at all.

The Kidlette should go into any kind of job where the ability to sell oneself is the biggest part of the requirements. Just don’t sit her too close to the engineers unless you’re making a gore movie.

I was only partly kidding about being a ballerina. I’ve always felt like I missed out something major by not having dance lessons. First time I went to college, I took ballet as one of my PE requirements, but by then, it was just too late - you can’t start something like that at 19.

I danced briefly with a folk dance ensemble in my 20s, but the leader was an ass, and after witnessing him berate his wife one too many times, I just quit. I took several aerobic dancing classes - mainly for the exercise, but also because it soothed my inner dancer.

I probably couldn’t have been a professional dancer, altho I would have stayed in much better shape than I am now, but I often wonder what might have happened if I’d had that training. Probably all of you would be pretending to be my friend because I was a famous hoofer instead of loving me for my true self.


Other than for the few months I wanted to be a teacher like my sister (which ended when she quit that and went into computer programming), I’ve only ever wanted to be a Broadway Star/Diva.

Are you me? That sounds like what I would say.

Being a teacher has been a goal among the women in my family for generations, dating back to when that was the only job available to women. I bought into it until I realized that my personality clashes with jobs that force me to interact with people (like the one I have now :smack:. )

I wanted to be a writer as well. That may still come true if I would actually believe in myself instead of tearing myself down. I participated in LJ Idol a couple of years ago and wrote some good short pieces, but I haven’t done anything since then. :smack: again.

Right now I want to be Diana Trent from Waiting for God when I grow up. It is a noble goal.

I’ve got eye of axolotl, if that’s good enough? Course, it still has the axolotl attached, and he probably wouldn’t like it…

I’ve done quite a few silly jobs- apart from working in a zoo, I’ve driven an ice cream van (my inner child thinks I’m awesome), picked fruit, done loads of very short term stuff like counting cars and painting… Nothing resembling a career.

He may enjoy swimming around in wine. :slight_smile:

Rather boringly, I only wanted to be an electronic engineer like my Father.
Rather boringly, I am.

But you can cook, right?

I had thought about being a teacher, and a vet.
I think my true calling was to sit on some mountain top spinning yarn from the sheep and goats in my backyard.

I think if I could go back I would have stayed in computer programming. I got to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore but I think that had more to do with where I worked other than the work itself.

Mawnin all, I have missed you guys, Irk has been irksome and I have put in appx. 50 hours since Friday.

I always knew I was going to work with music, it just took a while to figure out how. I had dreams (delusions) of being a Rock Star but I am quite happy where I am now.

I have stories from this past weekend that I will share when I am sane®

Need Coffee

Happy Moanday/Labor Day all


As a kid, I wanted to be a wildlife veterinarian; by the time I hit high school I wanted to go into Forestry.

However, college fell through due to some financial complications and I had to get on with making a living. I got a job in federal civil service starting out as a very low graded clerk typist. It wasn’t my dream, and I thought that eventually I’d make it back to college and eventually law school, because by that time I wanted to practice environmental law.

I ended married, slowly making my way up the chain in civil service. The kids came along, etc.

Anyway, I never made it back to college except for a few courses. I’m a Management and Program analyst now. It is not my dream job, and I hate it. However, I’m adequately paid (I guess), I’m much higher up the food chain, and in just a little less than seven years, I can retire due to a minimum age/years requirement. That would by 37 years of federal service.

I probably won’t retire then. Not because I don’t want to, but because it probably won’t be fiscally feasible.

Before civil service, and while still a teenager, I held the usual fast food jobs. I also did the a stint in the Youth Conservation Corps. Now that job was the most fun job I’ve ever had. It was hard, physical labor for the most part, but I garnered a real sense of accomplishment when looking over our finished projects. We cut miles of trail, cleared slash piles, put in a water line and gravel pads for a campground, cleared out a contractor’s dump 30 miles from our camp, and built a rustic amphitheater with log benches that we hand scraped. We planted trees and had several other projects. Seriously hard work, but I never had so much fun on a job again.

Went through the usual laundry list as a kid, never did make up my mind really (still haven’t, TBH, and I’m now 44).

Once we can get it in gear, shopping awaits. Hoping to be done and home before the drunks start seriously infesting the roads, but DH needs to have that prescription picked up, we need other supplies, and the Princess must have canned goo.

Were you gone? :confused: