A little sometin for da ladies...

Admit it, heterosexual female doperettes…if i was wearin’ these…I’d be the Ladies Man. :smiley:


I’ll admit it. :wink: I recently did a double take at a grocery store because a guy with a truly divine butt walked past me. Usually I only notice cute paramedics and firefighters in grocery stores, but this was exceptional.

You must shop at one scary mofo of a grocery store! :eek:

It might make you a ladies man, but then all of you relationships would be based on a lie! :smiley:
[sub] That is assuming that your butt doesn’t look like this on a regular basis[/sub]

That’s hysterical! :slight_smile: Squeezably soft!

Oh my! This site is just too funny.

Anybody who wants some extra butt padding…
I have plenty to spare.

It’s…Albertson’s! Run away! Hide! It’s your [very scary] store!

Those guys are always in there shopping.

There was that episode of King of the Hill, where Hank finds out he doesn’t have a butt, so he has to wear prosthetic cheeks.

It was great, if only for the chant of: “We’re here! No rear! Get used to it!”


Butt (hahahahaha) their premise is flawed --big butt is not the same as great butt. I like a nice tight little butt on a guy. ( I had a coworker who quit about 5 years ago whose butt I still fondly recall – just wanted to walk up behind him and grab a couple of handfuls.)

I have to wonder what it would be like to sit while wearing them. Would it be like having a booster seat all the time?

And if you had a few pair, how well would they fit in your undie drawer?

“Would you like some padded boxer briefs?” I asked my husband, who is sitting behind me on his own PC.

Then he looked at the BFU (Butt for You) web site.

“For MEN? What the fuck, man! That’s EMBARRASSING!”

yeah, I have to agree with twickster … bigger is not better when it comes to guys’ butts… I have a friend with the nicest freakin butt…he refuses to walk in front of me now cuz I have a tendency to grab. [angel] Totally innocent, of course… it’s like, art appreciation or something. [/angel] :wink: That site’s freakin funny, tho.

I have no wit to share with you. Instead I have a shameless self-plug. I am so pathetic, yes?

Come on guys, get with it! It’s the new “diaper look” and it’s all the rage these days!

I saw that episode this past week and laughed so hard I nearly choked.

I’ve admired beautiful buns on men since I was a child. Clayton Moore (the Lone Ranger) was the greatest!

Zoe – the Lone Ranger? That’s just wrong.

I’m slightly curious as to what’s happened to the model’s tackle. In pic one ("No Pad), yes it’s there, in pic two (“Slim line pad (Colt)”), yes, still there, a little more obvious than than pic one, and in pic 3 (“Regular Pad (Stallion)” it’s practically disappeared!

Wow! That’s actually kinda neat, you know?

I mean, I’m getting older, I’ve given birth three times, and hy, some parts of my body just need some help. That’s why I really, REALLY like my Wonderbra.

And if they make things like that for women, why in the heck not for men?

You go, guys! :slight_smile:

Yeah, if we’re going to have hang-ups about our bodies, you guys should too. heh