A lot of women are coming forward with rape accusations against Bill Cosby..

Even pyscho Janice Dickinson (who also accused her father of rape) is piling on: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2839540/I-thought-kill-Lawyer-FIFTH-Bill-Cosby-assault-victim-speak-reveals-drugged-comic-couldn-t-control-body-couldn-t-walk-thought-dying.html


So, this makes their eerily similar stories more credible right? Perhaps it does.

Or maybe, a* narrative template *against the “comedian” (I never thought he was funny) has been set and all these accusers are saying, ‘me too!’

Bill Cosby has been a celebrity for a long time, he’s probably slept with many women. When people have a good time, they drink. Sometimes they sleep together (=have sex.) Sometimes people regret the experience. Imagine if you do regret that consensual experience and you do not wish to own it. Imagine that you’ve been searching in your head for an excuse to shed responsibility. You could tell yourself, “I drank too much!” Or better yet, “the bastard slipped a pill in my drink!”

We’ll never know but I bet this is shakedown for money.

Paradoxically, Janice Dickerson’s “me too!” pile on might actually help Cosby because people already know that she’s a psycho false rape accuser.

We already have a thread in IMHO that wasn’t started by a misogynist. I think I’ll be checking that one instead.

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kstarnes is also a racist, IIRC, so let this one develop and watch his head explode (are they white women)?

That’s damning with faint praise. :smiley:

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If it is, it’s one of the worst shakedowns I’ve ever seen, since they’ve already gone public with the accusations before asking him for money.

And if they did ask him for money, Cosby probably has some evidence of that, right? Surely by the fourth or fifth time someone tried to blackmail him over something he didn’t do, he’d have gone to the police and told them he was being harassed by a highly organized criminal gang composed of women he’d had sex with.

Don’t forget stupid. Cosmically, cataclysmically, blood-curdlingly stupid.

That’s why he wants to believe the charges aren’t true. If he thought Cosby had assaulted dozens of women, he’d be filled with unwanted feelings of admiration.

So, instead of gracing this trolling fuck with genuine responses, can we discuss something else?

Like, I dunno…the MLS playoffs? Duke rolling over Michigan State yesterday? How much I’d like to go on a date with Chelsea Peretti?


This is the pit, and I don’t see a need to talk about playoffs, etc. in this thread.

For the moh-rons who believe this is about money, please understand that the relevant statute of limitations (both criminal and civil) are long expired (at least to my knowledge). You don’t go to the court of public opinion if your end goal is dough; you sue. The time to blackmail or extort OUT of the public eye was when he was settling out of court with the last person who sued him before the SOL expired.

Very few people expose themself to public attack and ridicule simply for the purpose of (largely) negative attention. I believe the women who say they’ve come forward to support the person(s) who came forward before them. I also have no trouble believing that he is a serial rapist who used drugs as a tool to incapacitate young women since he achieved stardom in the late '60s. People with a sterling reputation tend to have a lot of dirt to hide.

Oh goody. Our resident dumb shit sexist asshole has shown up to remind us why he’s our resident dumb shit sexist asshole.

Hi there, Fallen! I’d like for you to meet our esteemed OP, kstarnes.

He’s a useless waste of oxygen, a vile piece of excrement, and a troll of the first order. He wants you to become riled up, and respond with great righteous anger to his misogynist bullshit blathering.

I would prefer not to feed it, actually, but I’m ok with merely feeding it invective.

There might well be a legitimate discussion to be had here, but it won’t be with the OP, who will in all likelihood not post again in the thread, just jerk himself off on his keyboard for the next few hours.

Let’s be accurate, here, in the interest of fighting ignorance.

I must heartily agree with your correction of my post, sir.


She’s pretty cute. Sort of imperfectly hot.

I approve.

THANK you.

I’m really disillusioned by the people in Orange County. I was at Costco yesterday, and I not only couldn’t find I canned peas, I couldn’t find frozen peas or fresh peas, either. The only peas they had were these crispy snack-food things that I suppose are supposed to be some sort of substitute for potato chips.

I called the purchasing supervisor for the region at the Garden Grove store, and asked why I can’t buy peas in Orange County (closest four locations that have any peas at all are in Culver City, Van Nuys, Victorville, and Kona Hawaii). He told me that peas “weren’t performing,” so they discontinued them to make shelf space for something the members would buy.

Which brings me back to my disillusionment: people in Orange County have been scientifically proven to be more willing to spend money on QUINOA than on peas! Seriously, WTF?
ETA: This is a really good idea, andros. Any time kstarnes opens a Pit thread, let’s just turn it into a mini-rants thread.

I’m sorry, but this is just unconscionable. Won’t someone think of the children?

I pit my prospective/past employer who sent me a sample contract set to begin November 4th and promised to get back to me with an official version on the 10th. That was nine days ago, and my e-mails have gone unanswered.

Peas aren’t performing? Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking peas?

“Not much call for it around here, sir.”

And while we’re on the subject of peas, why is it that so many restaurants serve bland crappy cole slaw?

Even barbecue restaurants can’t do coleslaw right.

Let’s have some imagination, some flair, some freaking salt, pepper and spices!!!.

It’s not rocket science.