A Melancholy MMP

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days it’s because the spider in my car has gotten me. :dubious: It’s a mini SUV with all the seats laying down and there are freaking webs everywhere since yesterday.


Yes, everywhere.

You have my sympathy. Not everyone can be an engineer… :stuck_out_tongue:

Much more snarks to come after I forage…

Are you sure they aren’t these guys?


ETA: **
Bobbio**: hah- thems fighting words! Actually my son wants to be an aerospace engineer, so I may have to get over it…

My grandmother died on Thrusday. She was 97 years old, so its wasn’t that much of a shock to us, and she died in her sleep after being in relatively good health, so no-one, her of us, suffered that much. Still, and despite the fact that we (especially my parents) had some serious issues with her, I’m going to miss her.

Anyway, I’m sitting in a Holiday Inn in south Florida, trying to think of something to say at the funeral. I’m not much of a public speaker, either, so this won’t be all that fun (unlike all those happy, fun-filled funerals, right?). Still, has to be done. I think platitudes should probably do the job.

So sorry to hear that :frowning:

יהי זכרה ברוך
“May the memory of her be blessed”

Different post for different moods…

**Bobbio **-- Engineers, scientist… we all collect data points. As many as possible! Right? :slight_smile:

Ivory – of course it’s scientific interest! And if you want to add to the data pool, that will be welcome, too… Gotta compare the data between different sources (and examine the sources, themselves. Thoroughly!) :wink:

Hugs for Spaz. I’m very grateful my Mom is 84 and still going strong.

Love the poems; clever and humorous.

Off to work…


I’m so sorry, Alessan. I hope the funeral goes well. May she be at peace.

((((Spaz)))). That was lovely.

Ergh. Mornings. Should I be happy that Nat’s started waking up at 7:30? It’s compensated for by having to cuddle and nurse seven or eight or nine times a night, I think. A little tired.

Heh. I was almost afraid to click on your link. I was expecting something like a report on the little known Scion Spider and how it traps and eats its prey. :smiley:


While we’re talking about moms… Since the place where my mom works refuses to give her a chair to sit on, I offered to call them and explain the actual definition of ‘reasonable accomodation’ to them. She’s taking me up on my offer. <gulp> So after the a/c guy leaves and my lunch is done I’ll be calling her human resources department on her behalf.

Soapy, my job is done. :smiley:

My mom died at 63 in 2000, of lung cancer. I didn’t inherit her boobs. However, my sister always reminds me that we look like twins, and I reply that her moustache is thicker than mine.

{{{Alessan}}}. My grannie made it to 98. She was my last blood ancestor still alive.

In other news, neighbor Fred is still convinced that wife and I are his guardian angels. I don’t know if I can handle that kind of pressure, and if he keeps shooting his mouth off about it, my bad boy reputation is going to suffer.

Last night, he and son Scott went to the nursing home to see the missus, and Scott got hisself stopped by the local Barney squad on a traffic charge. We heard the dispatcher run the plate, and before she was done saying that there was an insurance hold on the plate, I was out the door with my keys to give them a ride home. The look on Fred’s face was priceless when I pulled up in the parking lot. Scott was even more impressed when I gave him the key to my shitbeater pickup truck so they could get back to the nursing home when they need to.

He also has had me working some telephone fraud for him, and was happy to find out that I managed to get $286 reversed off his bill. Every penny counts with them.

Then came my moment of :smack: There was a call for a motor vehicle accident with mutliple victims a few miles from the VunderLair. I was first on the scene, BTW. Mom and 2 under 10 kids were thrown off a 4-wheel ATV. Lots of bumps, bruises, and road rash, after scares of a broken arm on the older kid and broken ribs on Mom. From the way the call came in and was dispatched, the scene was chaotic quickly because of all the help.

In the confusion and while I was working on the older kid, one of the other responders packed up my bag and brought all my stuff to the ambulance, including my radio and car keys. The ambulance was getting ready to leave, and all I heard her say was she packed up my bag, which I took to my car and put in my trunk. The ambulance then left with everything else still inside, and I was stranded. :smack:

VWife brought me an extra set of keys after a lot of crap, so I got the VunderCar home. The crew called me to say they had my stuff, and I was sweating not knowing for sure where they were. As soon as they finished, the dispatcher called to tell me the same thing, after she tried to contact me by radio. :rolleyes: :wink:

This’ll be one of those incidents I’ll be razzed about for quite a while, dammit.

The edit window will close before I finish this.

My mom was a fan of naughty nursery rhymes. Her favorite one:

*Mary Mary quite contrary,
how does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells,
and one goddamned tulip.*

This was so much a family joke that my sister and I had a single tulip etched on her headstone.

That was very sweet, Spaz. I lost my mom almost 20 years ago, when she was only 57. She had artery disease, and underwent a bypass in her legs. She recovered, but sometime in the night threw a clot that went to her brain, and had a massive stroke. I miss her all the time.

My son just called. He is on his way to take his GED (yay!) and is lost. I gave him directions, but I bet he’s going to be late. Dammit. Cross your fingers, MMP!

I’ve always been very lucky when it came to death in my family. My Great-Grandfather died when I was 16; it was my first funeral. Since then, I’ve lost two Great-Grandmothers. I have one left alive; she’s 95. I still have 3 sets of Grandparents (mom’s, dad’s and step-father’s parents).

My Mom and I aren’t that close, but I can’t imagine losing her. I’m sorry for those of you that have lost parents.

Spaz, the poetry is sweet, funny and lovely. It might be neat to type them all into a word document when you find them. I’d use the story of how she left them everywhere as an introduction. Then you and others who were close to her can read them together and share stories of her. And if there are children who wouldn’t remember her much or at all, your stories will live on in thier memories.

I’m sorry that I can’t offer you wisdom, Alessan. My thoughts are with you.

Pie, You go girl!!

{{{{{Spaz}}}}} Great poetry, though. dogmom is still kicking, though not as healthy as I wish. Of course I’ve inherited most of the family ailments. On a sunny note, I think I’m on vacation.

Appendages crossed for Reboson.

Sic 'em, Pie!

My condolences, Alessan.

Baby got back! :smiley: I hate stick figure women.

Welcome back, BooFae!

I’ve been on hold with financial aid for thirty minutes. I’m starting to think that the number on their website is a gag number and the real one that actually makes the phones in the offices ring is a closely guarded secret.

Total hold time with financial aid: 45 minutes. Result: they’re not even looking at appeals forms until August 1.

Excuse me while I hop into the mini rants thread for a sec. Okay, I’m back. With more Abby Snark for everyone!.

Can you tell I’m my mother’s daughter? That sense of humor passes straight down through the bloodline.

Sweet OP, spaz. My mother passed not quite a year ago at 82. She had many health and mental issues and was quite despondent over my father’s death. Her one outlet for her difficulties was her art. She painted landscapes and made pastel portraits of grandchildren for acquaintances. Oh, and she crocheted lovely afghans for us all. My favorite is the creamy white one she made for my father. I have it resting on the chaise in my bedroom.

You just never know when your number is up. I will be 60 in September and that is why I am taking my trip to Italy.

Good luck vibes going out the reboson and pie.


I am also snarky this morning due to I have to go to the HS and gently ask them why o why have they not yet sent Daughter’s final transcripts which were due in May and the form filled out etc. I normally wouldn’t even notice this trivial matter except that Daughter’s scholarship and tuition discount is dependent upon those transcripts.

Spaz-I’m sorry to hear about your mother. She sounds like she was someone who loved life. Alzheimer’s sucks.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Spaz, but her poems are truly lovely. What a cool OP.

My mother is still with us. We had a difficult relationship growing up but things are different now as adults, we are actually quite close and she brings me a lot of joy and support. I try not to think about the reality of the death of my loved ones, but there was a recent death in the family that makes it very hard to forget. The best we can do is accept them for who they are and enjoy every moment we have with them, and see it for the precious gift it is.

Yes I am trying to participate in MMP. I know I miss a lot of 'em.

Pie your spider car sounds truly awesome. You should post pics!

I’ve been sick. I’m working and we are really understaffed and it’s been stressful, but I only have two weeks left of this job before the big move to New Jersey, and I have a 5-day weekend this upcoming weekend, Thursday and Friday paid time off. So really I have 8 days left of work. How hard can I complain? I look forward to my long weekend. I just have to survive until then. :slight_smile: