A Message for Rue DeDay

I was pulling up to the south gate of the base this morning, and the pickup ahead of me had this sticker on its rear window:

I’m not entirely sure what the point of the red E is, but it’s obvious that Rue won’t get the message without my help, seeings as how the truck is here in Jacksonville and Rue is off in the suburban wilds of Cincinnati.

So, I’ve done my duty and passed it on. And I suggest you might want to tidy the house, Rue. After all, Jesus is coming. You don’t want Jesus to think you don’t know how to use a dust rag!

Rue should make sure Lucy doesn’t bite Jesus. Rue should also make sure the boys don’t have superhero undies on. Jesus probably thinks he is super enough.

Jesus is coming - quick! run the vacuum cleaner around!"

I’m glad it’s Rue Jesus is coming to visit. My house is a mess, laundry needs doing and there’s porn on my computer.

Did Jesus mention a certain time, or is he just gonna pop in whenever? Sounds like Rue needs to get busy!

There might have been a time mentioned on the sticker, but it was dark and I could only get so close.

No suggestions about the red E?

knowing JC, he tends to wake early then nap later.

So if i were Rue i’d keep an eye out in the afternoon - after Christ has risen.


Or, FCM, is this in fact a message from Rue? Maybe he’s busy straightening up and wasn’t able to get to the computer. I saw the very same exact message[sub]or at least really, really close cause I don’t really exactly remember[/sub] in my town which isn’t anywhere near your town because if it was we surely would have gotten together by now to drink things and talk about teenage girls.
These are definitely things that make you go “hmmmm…”

Crap! Wouldn’t you know it? The Son of God is on his way over and the house is a wreck! Do you think Jesus will look in the closets?

I’m sure Jesus is too polite to go rummaging through your closets and medicine cabinet. And anyway, what would be the point? After all, he knows everything, being God and all.

I think you should just make some nice snacks - don’t go expecting him to do the fishes and loaves thing for you - and make some nice conversation. Yeah, he’s God, but he’s also a guy and I’m sure he likes the occasional small talk.

nah - when he visits me he just strolls in, grabs a beer from the fridge and plays on my gamecube.

he’ll probably be the same at yours.

See, that’s why I don’t invite him over. He’s always scamming the beers and insisting it’s “his turn”.



Are You Ready?

AHA! You cracked the code! Give that Anonymous Coward a seegar!!

There was a code? Huh.

I have to go shopping too. If Jesus came over right now, all I could offer him would be water or wine. And the wine would be a “do it yourself” project for the Big Guy.

I’ve seen these ones before, and I was all “Red E” to crack the code, but I see that Anonymous Coward beat me to the punch.

Damn! Missed it by that much!

And here I was thinking it had something to do with Ellen Cherry!

Now I know I’ve been hanging aroung here too much :slight_smile:

Its the fact that he turns my controller into wine when he starts losing at Mario Kart which gets on my tits.

I wouldn’t mind so much, but its red wine and i have white carpets.

I’m enjoying how many North Americans are not gonna get this. Thanks for the smile.

Hey Rue, be sure to get an autographed picture? okay?

Ummm Garius? Is getting on your tits something us guys should be interested in? Just askin’ 'cause I need to know if I should be getting titillated here. Thanks.

“Toga, toga, toga…”