A Minor, Yet Persistent Message Board Pet Peeve

I don’t know why, but it really bugs me in a thread like, “What’s your favorite color?” when someone replies with:

“Blue. End of discussion.”

There are variations on this idea, and they are all equally obnoxious, in my book.

“Blue. Close the thread now.”

“One word: BLUE.”
This really bugs me, and I see it all the time. Oh, is your opinion the definitive opinion? Are opinion-based questions simply guessing games until you come by and settle the issue once and for all? After all, your opinion is unassailable, arrived at through only the most stringent logical processes, so 'twould be folly to argue with it.

It’s a minor thing, I admit, and I realize many people do it because they feel it’s kind of clever and witty. But to me it’s just obnoxious. Could be because I’ve had a couple of friends who did feel that any opinion they held was the de facto “right thing” and therefore could not be argued with. This was not their most endearing quality.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Must… resist… urge…


I disagree.

Mods/Admins: I think it’s pretty obvious I’m right, how 'bout closing this thread.

Esprix has spoken: end of discussion. Period.

[My little peeve? The now ubiquitous use of " …in and of itself…". But who the fuck am I to complain;)]

You know what my pet peeve is…?

People who think they’re really witty and put things like, “At my desk.”, “State of Euphoria”, or even… “Vat of nutritive fluid” in their location tags.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You got a problem with blue or something?

Ugh. All the above things are annoying. However, my major pet peeve is “Google is your friend.” Grrr! That one ticks me off so much! Do these Google freaks not realize that the whole reason we post a question/topic of discussion is because we want to discuss it with OTHER people ?! Yes, I know I can find out how many dimples are on a golf ball by using Google. But maybe, just maybe I also wanted to talk about said dimples with other people who are mildly interested in the subject of golf balls in general! And since I’m already a member of this message board, why not do it here instead of finding some sort of golf ball-dimple enthusiast message board where I’d be dealing with people who are probably a WHOLE lot more iterested in the subject than I am and wouldn’t understand that I just wanted a litttle chat and maybe share some interesting tidbits about golf ball dimples and perhaps the mysterious things inside the golf balls, etc!

Anyway, if you tell me Google is my friend, guess who’s NOT going to be my friend?

::has brick ready for the first person who mentions Google:::

It’s just a joke, dude. It’s probably just a way for someone to spice up their post and show that it’s a strongly held opinion. It might even be poking fun at those silly people that think their opinions constitute facts. Blue is the right answer, though.

Thread closed at Why A Duck’s request.

Og Smite!

Uke, that was priceless. You are the wind beneath my wings.

So, what is you favorite color anyway?

I second Robb’s assertion of the facts as the only definitive answer to the question of our favorite color is. I dare you to have a contrary opinion to mine! :smiley:

The pit is your friend. Nobody wants to close a pit thread. Hell, we kept trying to bring up the kaykay thing time after time after time

So is there a message board somewhere that is fighting obnoxiousness in addition to ignorance?

This is where different forums come in. If you want to know how many dimples are on a standard golf ball, you post in General Questions. (Where it will undoubtedly be pointed out that you probably could have found out this information by doing a simple web search. Or going to the store, buying a golf ball, and counting them yourself.) If you just want to chat about golf-ball dimples, the proper place would be, say, an MPSIMS thread entitled “Golf ball dimples–What’s up with those anyway?”:

And so forth.

Now, see, if you’d just done a Google search, you would have known that.

  1. End of discussion.

As for the obnoxiousness thing, curt smugness seems to annoy people far more than, say, pages of hysterical profane abuse and racial slurs.

Of course, if someone came at me with pages of hysterical profane abuse and racial slurs, I’d probably feel pretty smug.

Well, there’s a stunning insight. Captain Obvious saves the day again.


(Miss Cleo sez: Next poster will complain about people who end their posts with a mess of carriage returns and a smiley)

Ever looked at the dimples on a golf ball…on weed?