A Monday without an MMP is like . . . (a substitute MMP)

A Monday without an MMP is like a morning withouot coffee

FCM - You are still required to post tales and pictures of the crafts fair, you know that, right?
off to work - carry on!

Is that along the lines of a subtle hint, Rosie?

I’m having a very busy Monday, as usual I’m putting right the mistakes my irritating small-minded petty whining colleague has made with committee papers. I should have known this would happen. Le Sigh

But yesterday FCM said she was going to do this week’s, see?

I remember reading that one, but I have no idea what time it is here when it’s 6am wherever she is!

I think it’s about noon for you, BooFae. It may be as late as one pm, but I can never figure out the daylight savings time etc.
I hope FCM is ok. Not like her to just off and forget…

I am faced with a dilemma today. Clean the bathrooms or clean the windows?
I know how to live.

I’d trade an idiot with papers for the cleaning the loo, BooFae.

Anyrose–MENSA, eh? I don’t know if I would qualify–I’ve never tried. I’ll just start my own group: MENSA-rigs. You can be grandfathered in. MENSA-rigs is a group designed for those too lazy to actually attempt membership in regular MENSA. In order to qualify for membership, you must answer correctly this question:
Hmmm…it seems my cerebral powers are leashed this morning. I cannot think of a question. Anyone got any riddles out there? (and not "what have I got in my pocket?-come on, people, put your back into this!)

FCM’s usually up by some godawful hour. I hope everything’s okay.

rigs, clean the bathroom windows?

FCM probably partied too hard and is sleeping it off. You know them crazy craft fair folks.

Hello everyone!

I think I’m properly back now - at least, I’ll be able to post more often. Know why? Because I’ve started work, and at work we have lovely, lovely Internet.

Have I mentioned that 8am classes suck? I got to work at 7:30 because getting to school half-an-hour before class seems like the obvious thing to do, but the stupid office was closed and didn’t open until 5 minutes before class. :mad:

Haze–welcome to the real world. I keep thinking that people are going to be as organized as I am etc, but keep finding that most of the world just stumbles along. There is no reason for the office to not be open BEFORE class starts.

This is like the library for me. We (or they, since I don’t work there anymore) are open to staff at 0900. We (they) open to the public at 0930. Couple of things here:

  1. 0930 is a weird ass time to open. Every day there are people waiting to get into the library–just open at 0900 already!

  2. the staff does NOT use that time to “get set up”. The staff uses that time to exchange opinions on American Idol, family issues, the “weird” patrons they had yesterday; the fact that they are “overworked”. Made me want to scream–but I am used to getting to work and hitting the ground running and not stopping, either…
    I feel better!

Bathroom window–maybe. Bathroom mirror, yes!

I wonder if FCM was so tahred from this weekend that she found herself without enough time to get her 'puter booted up and the MMP uploaded before work? Because she said she’d have it ready to go. I sure hope it’s that and not something more worrisome. <starts worrying about FCM>

I’m up and caffeinating. I stayed up waaay late last night working, and still didn’t get through as much of this giant job as I’d hoped I would. The fact that I couldn’t really motivate myself to stick to it probably didn’t help any.

And I woke up this morning to them tearing up the road and repaving it in front of my house, where it’s all cracked and nasty. Oh joy, a day of loud road-paving work right outside my office window. :frowning:

WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY, MAMA? I can’t hear you over this durned construction noise!

I am wasting my morning. I will regret this later.

Monday mornings are meant to be wasted.

Stupid copy machine is acting up. Of course it is. It’s Monday and the first day of classes. :rolleyes:

I need to go eat something. Coffee on an empty stomach is not fun.

Well, today is the last official day of my vacation, which means I had to get up at a quasi-reasonable time this morning (which was, like, 10am). All in all it has been a pleasant vacation, despite not really doing much of what I had planned to do, as usual. There must be a named effect or law that compares the inverse proportionality of the number of things you plan to do on your vacation to the likelihood of actually carrying them out before it’s over. Just the same, I did some testing of DOSBox (an PC emulator … on my PC. That is, an emulator that emulates an older PC so older games can work on newer PCs.) It was fun playing some old favourites that I could never get to work on my current PC. And I discovered a new, yer older (but still fairly modern) game called Beyond Good and Evil. It’s quite a wonderful game with a great plot, good voice acting, characters with depth and personality, and very nice graphics for its time (2003). My only real complaint is the inability to allow inversed Y controls (that is, mouse movements that function like a flight stick, where you push up to look down and vise-versa, which is how I’ve always played first-person games. It does have the option to reverse controls, but it reverses all of them, left and right included, which is breathtakingly stupid). I’ve had to “relearn” how to move and look around with non-inversed Y controls, which I can do so long as I don’t play any other first-person games that involve the mouse, because I’ll get utterly confused.

Yes, I’m a gamer geek.

Okay, off to get coffee.

Howdy. Hope FCM’s ok!

I had a meh weekend. I have been considering joining the choir at my church because I used to be in choir in my old church and I miss it a lot. So I went to the choir “retreat” (i.e. a 3 hour Saturday morning practice) and just completely freaked out. The singing was fine, and I like the music director a lot. But they assigned me a choir robe and a folder number and everyone kept saying things like “We’re so glad you’re joining us this year” and I’m just thinking “I’m joining you for TODAY not for this year!”

I want to get more involved in something out here, but it seems like everything requires a huge level of commitment. I miss volunteering at the cat shelter, but once you were in there, it was nearly impossible to get out. Volunteer organizations are perpetually understaffed, and if you quit, that means someone else has to do that much more work, and I always feel guilty about that. I wanted to take horseback riding lessons again (I rode in high school.), but that requires a minimum of twice-a-week lessons for an undefined period of time, and all of the horse-type folks expect that you’ll love it and will spend every waking minute in the barn with them. And so on.

So I’m torn between wanting to do something, especially something that will help me to meet people, and being overwhelmed by the level of commitment that most organizations seem to expect. What does one do if you sort of like 10 different activities and wants to dabble in all of them and not spend the rest of your life doing just one? Bleh.

It’s been a busy morning already. Went to the surgeon’s office for a post-op that included suture removal. I had a meltdown in the lobby when my 9:15 appointment went to 9:40 without me going back, and I had a 10 AM date in Suffolk traffic court for VWife’s trial. I told 'em “…I’m about ready to remove the FUCKING stitches myself!”

I finally got back to the room at 9:58, was out by 10:10, and in the courtroom at 10:20 just as the wife was being sworn in. She pled no contest to the reckless driving charge, had her say, and the judge found her guilty of improper driving instead. If she completes an online traffic school by mid-December and pays $71, the charge is expunged. A happy and just ending…

I took an ambulance call last night when I should not have, but they paged 7 times for a second EMT, and I was the only one interested. It was a heavy old lady with runaway blood pressure and dizziness. I was afraid she’d have a coronary during the ride. She weighed about 350 lbs., and although I asked for help when I called in to the hospital, we didn’t get any, and my partner can’t lift. I pulled her out of the back of the ambulance, and my fingers slipped off the wheel release. :eek: :eek: :eek: I couldn’t shove her back, couldn’t lower my end to the ground, so all I could do was stand there and hold her like I was Superman. Sue, my partner, finally got around and hit the wheel release without mashing my fingers.

After we got her inside and settled, I had one of the ER nurses check my bad finger to see if I ripped out any of my stitches (no). The doctor didn’t say anything this morning, either, but my finger was a lot more purple than I expected…

Aren’t you allowed to just shoot him? :smiley:

be my first response

My Monday morning was supposed to have consisted of getting together with the Unemployed Only Slightly Disabled Brother of the Better Half’s co-worker down at the Post Office, said personage reportedly being in the business of using his pickup truck to haul junk to the dump. He and I were supposedly going to clean out our garage, getting rid of 20 years’ worth of broken dressers, falling-apart kitchen cabinets, and at least one full-size metal desk, not to mention an Exercycle that the Salvation Army won’t take (they don’t take exercise equipment, feh), and a two-foot swimming pool that I want a spotter behind me, ready to beat off whatever emerges with a spade, before I attempt to dislodge it from its festering spot on the garage floor.

He didn’t call.

So I’m just sittin’ here.

Good morning all. Where is everone this morning? I’m still rubbing sleepy sand out of my eyes.
We had a beautiful weekend, sunny and 70s everyday. Today is no exception.

Bobbio, I’m glad you’re ok. I didn’t think it was ok to have an active EMT on the bus that can’t lift. You not a superman, son! Be careful. Remember, if you hurt yourself while dealing with a patient, he/she isn’t going to send you flowers. You’ll be hurt, and they’ll be mad.

Medical people are so often subtly pushed into putting themselves in the danger zone, but the harsh reality, is you end up out there all by yourself.
Take care, that’s an order from the nurse! :smiley:

I’m going to see a nutritionist today. Even though, I don’t have diabetes, my doc says I’m geneticly set up for it, so I’m being proactive. (I hate that word.)

Well, I’m on the way to full caffination, so I’d better get off my fat one, and do something, instead of wasting the whole morning.

FCM, where are you?

Hey guys!

While we’re waiting for FCM to check in, I should share with you my news:

I am engaged!

Tentative plans are to get married in April/May of next year.

Carry on…

She just broke my heart. :frowning:

:wink: :smiley: