A Mundane Pointless Subtle Change in my Life I Felt Like Sharing.

A recent bout of depression and self-pitty seems to have led to a small but seemingly worthwhile change to my way of life…
I seem to have become one of those people who would rather be ‘doing something’ than sitting and thinking depressing thoughts. I seem also to have become someone who doesn’t want to end a day without having done something positive with it.

During the depression I felt compelled to go for a walk in order to avoid wallowing in self-pitty. It did the trick until I had finished walking.

A few theraputic days back in a routine (work) and the healer of all things (time) has helped me overcome the depression, but the habit of making sure something useful is done each day, and the habit of going for a walk, combined (and altered by the recent, provoked, purchase of a new bike) has stuck. And I now feel happy and positive about the future. I have reopened the door to a pastime I love and which will make me fit. (long-distance cycling)
If only I could find an alternative to booze, I’d be set.

Good for you, what you’re doing is rather difficult - so thats great news.

Walking is great, much better than sleeping until 3pm.

No way man. Today I got up at 3:17 and it was great!

5:30 pm for me today, but I work nights, so…