A Name Game For The Really Bored

      • Damn! I am impressed! You can learn how to do anything online. Even tease someone about their name.
        There’s a site:
        -that lists people’s names. It also lists teasing names under “drawbacks”. Go there, look up your name, then click on “drawbacks”. ~ How many teasing names does your name have listed, and how many of them have you been called? - MC


Stephano DiVanobige
What the hell does that mean?!? Is this some historical or literary character I’ve never heard of?! I mean, I thought I’d heard them all. My personal favorite being the St-st-st-Stephen, that everybody thought was so funny to call me after that movie “The Cable Guy” came out.

Now, I just need to know what Stephano DiVanobige means. That’s just weird.


Scotty Potty (nope)
Scooter (yep)
Scottie Tissues (Scott Tissues, yep)
Snot (nope)
Squirt (yep, but I didn’t think it had to do with Scott)
Scott Pot (nope)
Scott Tot (nope)
Scotty Snotty (nope)
Slot (nope)
Scottie the Hottie (Scottie too Hottie, yep)
Squawty Scotty (nope)
Gotta go to the Potty Scotty (nope)
Scooter Pie (yep)
Scott Twat (nope)

Name: Sarah

Out of about 50 teasers, I can say I got called these ones:

Que Sarah-Sarah


Thank God no one ever called me “Scary Marinara”; I would have been scarred for life.

The worst name I was ever called came from my best friend, who nick-named me “Sarah-Peara-Pomegranate.” I don’t know why, he just loved it and used to scream it down the halls.

People really teased me about my last name. I got neighed at a lot, because “Coursey” rhymes with “Horsey” (haha, every have a good laugh.) I still hate my last name because of that.

Zero and zero. And no, I wasn’t checking for Ethilrist.

My real name is Robin. It lists 12 teasing nicknames for me:
Robin Hood(yes)
Rockin’ Robin(yes)
Batman and Robin(yes)
Robin Red-breast(yes)

My best friend still refers to me a Bobbin Robin when we are drunk.

My favorite nickname wasn’t even listed. My dad use to call me Robby.

This site has brought back some bad memories from first grade!


JC (Jesus Christ)

The only one I’ve ever been called is Christina by stupid teachers that can’t read. I guess Cranky too, but not because of my name, so that one doesn’t count.

JC??? WTF???

Alfalfa Bill - In reference to William H. Murray, Governor of Oklahoma (1929-1931). Oklahoma is one of the alfalfa-producing states. huh?
Free Willy no
Battling Billy - In reference to William Wells, British heavyweight boxing champion. no
Hillbilly no
Silly Willy yup
Willy Nilly no
Chilly Willy no
Willy Lump Lump no
Wild Bill to this day
Billy Goat probably
Billy the Pilly huh?
Sweet William oh yes
Big Bad Bill of course
Mister Bill see Big Bad
Willy Dilly Ding Dong Thank God no
Wee Willie Winky by my sister
willy wall flower no
Billy the Kid yes
Prince William yes
Willy Wonka no
Buffalo Bill when I lived there
Billy Bob yep
Billiam yes
Wee Willy a while back (I grew)
Wilbur (with a famous horse’s voice) no


Rye Crisp (WTF?)
Chrissy Pissy (yes, also Chrissy Wissy)
Chris-py (no)
Chris the Piss (yep)
Chris-mas (no)
Piss-topher (no, I’m not a christopher)

That’s better.


I didn’t realize there were so many…and I’ll be honest…some are severely disturbing.
Messy Jessie – (two people in the world are allowed to call me even JESSIE plain, so this was never used on me)

Jizzica – WTF? I may have to use this as my porn name! Where did they get this one from? I hope not second graders.

Sexica – again:WTF?

Juggsica – people. I implore you. What is going on?

The real problem was my maiden name. That last name resulted in me being called a pig more than once.


I can almost guarantee that my name is not on their list and no, I didn’t bother checking. I have a relatively unusual name (I’ve only heard of three other people in the world who have it) for one thing, and for another I was mocked and teased mercilessly for anything and everything any of the other kids could get on me…

I think I’d rather keep trying to forget about it than go find more things they COULD have called me.

I mean, I was called “Yoda” for two years. I’d like to think they meant “mystical guru with deep knowledge about the meaning of the Universe,” but I’m pretty sure they meant “weird looking short green critter with hairy ears.”

Lisa-- I was suprised that they had the nickname my family calls me. (Lisa-Pizza) But they diddn’t have the repition of the name. Every one also calls me “Lisa-Lisa”

Pizza----every one calls me this.
Mona Lisa
Lisa go to Pisa
Leaning tower of Lisa
Lisa Loo
Loo La Bell
Lisa Pizza
Piece of Pizza
Moanin’ Lisa
La La
Lunatic in Service Area
Lisa Bo Bisa~A lot of people use this as well
Lisa Marie (Presley)
My husband calls me this
~My siblings call me this.

Drooly Julie If so, I was too young to know.
Jumbo No
Julie Beans No
Goolie Julie What the hell does this mean?
Ju-Ju-bee (like the candy) Someone, somewhere must have called me this, but it never stuck.
Julie Mulie (as in mule) No
Juella My mom sometimes calls me this. I don’t mind.
Chewy No
Julie-oolie-oolie Um. No.
Jewel Yes. But not deliberately. One time, Mom actually introduced me to someone as “My daughter, Jewelry.” Freudian, you think?
Jules This is what most of my friends call me.
Ju Ju No
Jelly Belly No, but a friend had a four-year old who, apparently, couldn’t say “Julie” and, instead, called me “Jelly.” "Happy Birthday, dear Jelly…"
Jukebox No
Julep - In reference to a mint julep, an alcoholic drink. No, but I do enjoy a good julep.
Junie No
Tools No
Julie Bully No
Juicy Fruit No
Jell-O No
Julie Poo-lie No

I think I escaped a lot of these by the simple expedient of being really skinny in school. (This is no longer the case.) I mean, how do you call a skinny child “Jumbo” or “Jelly Belly”? There really weren’t a lot of nasty names for me, though, were there? I guess that means that mine is a pretty decent name to give a child. Parents-to-be, see to it.

Seeing as my name is Rick…I thought there would be more…

Rickle - no

Fickle Rick - no

Slick - yes, but not in a teasing way…it was a nickname a friend gave me

**Sick **- well, I guess…

**Rickie Dickie **- yup

**Prick **- yeah

**Dick **- Too many times to remember…

**Uncle Stick **- Uncle Stick??! WTF??!

**Slick Rick **- Yeah, but again, not in a teasing way…

**Reek **- Well, I dated a french foreign exchange student in high school, and she called me “reek”, but I think it was due to the limitations of her accent…and no her teasing me…

For me there were only three. They form a curious haiku of sorts.


Perhaps an obscure coded prophetic message? Dear me…

Amble No
Ambrosia Yep
Am-Burp Yep
Amway - In reference to a multi-level marketing scheme. No
Amburger Of course
Ambino Tiger Never even thought of this one
The Great Ambeeno **Nada **
Spamber **Not this one either **
Amburger Helper **Maybe they weren’t into food? **
Amber waves of grain **Heard this one alot **
Amberella **Not this one either **
Amber-pampers **Thank God, No! **
Ambie **Still get this one from my cellma… I mean, office mate! ** :smiley:
Amberglar the Hamburglar **Nope **
Cheeseber **Nope **
Amity **Not this one either **
Amber-licious **Now THIS one I got… **
Amboo **This is what my 2 year old nephew calls me! **
Bamber **Old HS nickname **
Bertie **Huh??? **
Ambular **Not this one **
Amber-Lamper that Pees in her Pamper **I’da had to shoot them **
Ammo **head shake **
Astro **Not this one either **
Bambi **Amber was enough of a porn star name… didn’t need this one added in! **
Hamburgesa **Not **
Ambobo **I don’t think so **
Ambercrombie **Not this one either **
Some of the ones they missed:
Forever Amber - usually from the older people that would call me during my call center days
Ambird Zebra - Play on my full name
Am - Get that one a lot now
Now you know why I prefer to go by TruePisces rather than my real name on the boards… :wink:

Forever Amber was may favorite book as a young teen. I am not older, but the book was given to me by my grandma.

They listed 25 possible nicknames. You would have to be pretty bored and creative to come up with most of the ones on the list but here are some I have been called.

Shanny (friend still calls me this but I like it)
Shamu (had to punch someone for this one!)
Shannon Bo Bannon
Shanna Bananna

Lucky for me my mom thought about nicknames when I was born and tried not to give me a name where it could be shorted or a nickname used.

Hey! Shanna Banana was one of my roommates in college!

Anyway, reading the list for my name brought back some memories. Out of 75 listed, you can imagine that I was called a few of them. And they even missed some! The curse of being named the most popular name in an certain time period, I guess. Many of the mispronounciations I was only called when my friends were drunk. My sister called me one of the names on the list and my first boyfriend called me another. I had a friend with the same name and her grandfather called her another of the names on the list. Drawbacks indeed. Some people are too sensitive. I wouldn’t care if someone came up to me today and called me some of the things I’ve been called before (from that list :wink: ).

Don here,

Dondo - Nope
Don Juan - Yup
Ronald McDonald - Yup
Donald Duck - Yup
Don Juan - Yup
Old McDonald - Yup