A Nathan Fillion question

There’s a cover article on Nathan Fillion in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. And I noticed that this article, like every other article on Fillion, makes no mention of his personal life. It’s sort of become noticeable how much they don’t mention the subject.

Fillion is apparently single and has never been married. And celebrity magazines love to talk about who’s dating who. But you never see any mention of Fillion. The closest to a mention of his personal life is that he used to date Vanessa Marcill fifteen years ago.

So what’s the deal? I’ve seen a few other celebrities who won’t discuss their personal life but they usually as least say they won’t discuss it. With Fillion, it doesn’t get mentioned at all.

The other obvious answer is that he’s gay. But I can’t see any gay rumors on the web (other than questions like this one).

I bet he’s just private and doesn’t date famous people.


That’s why I love this board. You ask a question and you get an answer (usually).

Great article, thanks for sharing. Best part is probably he has (or at least had) a Google news alert set up for his own name.

Every time we have a thread about “Who pings your gaydar?” and such, I wonder how many actors – how many people – are just asexual, meaning they’re just not sexually attracted to anybody, ever. They’re not shy, they don’t have hangups about their sexuality in any way, they just don’t have the hormones that tell them what to do in that part of life. There has to be some tiny percentage of humans that fall into this category and some corresponding percentage among public figures as well.

Sorry, don’t mean to hijack. :o