A New Feeling Inside... For Me That Is

I am experiencing a new thought pattern about a girl that I am interested in. First of all, let me explain how I usually approach a girl. I am quite timid on average. I will find a girl and then proceed to explore every detail about her without even talking to her. Say if she is one of my classes at school, I will watch how she interacts with people, who she talks to, what kind of student she is, and observe all the details I might be interested in knowing about her. This process, for me, can usually take anywhere from a month up to a year. I’m not a guy who sees a girl and walks right up to her to ask her out. That’s never been my style. Recently I have totally broken my practice. I saw a girl and asked her out with in the week. I don’t fully understand why. I seem to be having a feeling that if I didn’t I would feel like an ass and would regret it. It’s similar to “The one that got away” feeling, but it’s before that could ever happen (in a standard emotional pattern of course). It’s like a Pre-One the got away feeling that I don’t want that to happen so I am trying to do everything in my power to not let it happen. Has this ever happened to anyone? wait wait wait … first of all does anyone know what the hell I am talking about or at least do you know what I mean? Am I making any sense? I’m in a flurry of emotions and would love to hear what yall have to say.



You are obviously suffering from a combination of decarbonization of the adrenocortical hormones combined with diaplupus of the plux. For further insight, I suggest you direct questions of this kind to MPSIMS.

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Dropping that stalker bit is one sign you’re becoming grown up :slight_smile: