A new prejudice for the masses

Having observed the White Nationalist GD threads, I have come to a conclusion about how simple their modus operandi is: choose a group X (in their case, a multitude of groups), profess a dislike for that group, grab a load of spurious statistics, and get to it. If you point out their fallacy, they charge you with being an X-lover, blind to the X-inspired propaganda. It’s that simple.

I therefore propose a new prejudice: Little Old Ladies.

Those f*ckers. Like an octopus, their tentacles encircle the globe. Their influence is in every country in the world. From Vietnam to Timbuktu, little old ladies sit, sipping tea and laughing at you.

Their control over the media and commerce is all-pervasive. What do you see when you walk into a supermarket? Little old ladies, openly flaunting their diminutive seniority. And what’s on all the shelves? Cookies. Cakes. Lavendar drawer-fresheners. Dog blankets. These disgusting products that we have now come to think of as ‘normal’.

Their media influence, too, is overwhelming. Millions of little old ladies have caused the perpetuation of filth such as Oprah, Jeopardy and shudder the Golden Girls. And between these propaganda pieces, what do we get? Little old ladies in the commercials. With their Little-old-ladyspeak rallying cry of “Where’s the beef?” they are draining our taxes, filling our hospitals, sitting on our sofas, and crocheting doilies.

Before you whine “but my grandmother is a little old lady” let me tell you a dark secret: so is mine, and my father’s before me. It is a shame I have to bear, but I trust you’ll be able to understand that I despise my roots, and all that my so-called granny stands for.

People, join with me! Let’s rise up and stamp out this menace, before it knits us any more sweaters.

Anyone who eats that much boiled cabbage must be evil.



The Jews are using Little Old Ladies as muscle…

no… hang on, that’s not right…

What was it again?

gimme a beer

AND the vicious use of elbows in jumble sales

AND the shopping trolleys - which they even presume to bring onto buses!

AND the unsightly handbags

AND the fondness for little rodenty yappy “dogs”
(Of course, some of my best friends,…)

(btw does anyone (probsably in UK) recall the “Goodies” TV proogramme about the fierce old ladies terrorising innocent normal people)


“The mind starts to go at our age”, and obvious sign of their plans to remove the brains of helpless chlidren.


He’s not wrong, you know.

My mother’s in the Women’s Institute, which most people think of as a harmless social club where little old ladies sing “Jerusalem” and knit themselves some home-made jam. Harmless? You ask Tony Blair if the WI is harmless! He crossed them once, and was lucky he lived to regret it. I’ve seen, at first hand, how its insidious tendrils insinuate themselves into all walks of life… the WI is an intelligence organization that puts the CIA to shame.

You want proof? Look at James Bond. Sure, he started out working for the Special Intelligence Service, but who’s his boss now? Dame Judi Dench, that’s who. James Bond is an unwitting dupe of the Women’s Institute. They’re so secure in their power, now, they can flaunt it openly. Who opens Parliament and gives the Queen’s Speech? Back in the 1950’s, it was a young woman, but now it’s a little old lady.

I’m eighty-two you know. I’ve still got all me own teeth.


<Harry Enfield>

Ooooohhhhh - young man!!!

</Harry Enfield>
Hey - I had forgotten about the W.I versusw Tony Blair - that was a good one! :slight_smile:

I suggest that the queen mother was in fact their leader, and now that a new leader has yet to “emerge”, we ought to be on the lookout for the internal power struggles which might, for the foreseeable future, make them even more of a threat to innocent law-abiding decent people.

Good God, you’re right Celyn.

Quick! Has anyone got Thora Hird under surveillance?

Mary Whitehouse, Barbara Woodhouse. Oh my go…

yojimbo suffers a grand mal seizure

Damn straight.

I don’t think I can do the topic of little old ladies justice until this thread gets moved to the pit.

I think Mary Whitehouse has popped her self-righteous, holier-than-thou litle clogs already.

I hope so!

Just a thought, though if the old ladies are winding up for a great attack and to take over the world - BUY GIN FUTURES!


I’d help you, but…

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

I don’t know what’s happened with jjimm, he was always such a nice boy.

ShibbOleth’s one of them! Get out of this thread, Little Old Ladyist.

um folks, could we jsut establish at what age one does become a LOL? UM - purely for hypthetical interest, you understand.

<Celyn, worried, thinks of dying her hair or having facelift>

Good Lord, yes. :smiley:

It’s not age, it’s height.

Don’t you see? That’s why their leader is the one with the heaviest hat. It compresses her down to the right height.

If you are one, Celyn, one of our Inspectors for Little Old Lady Affairs will find out. And take you to one of our “Nursing Homes”. You’ll only make it worse for yourself by trying to conceal things.

Classic signs of the LOL:[ul][]Ridiculous hat. If confronted, will tend to say: “It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you’re comfortable”.[]More than one coat.[]Repeats self often.[]I said, repeats self often.[]Comfortable shoes.[]Repeats self often.Smells of wee.[/ul]Brothers and sisters, be on your guard.

There’s also that Little Old Lady “gang mentality.” Look at em! Roving hoards of LOLs with their blue hair and big gas guzzling Lincoln Towncars, cruising the streets of 'Merka. You look around you and what do you see? You see steering wheels with a pair of white gloved hands and the tops of blue tinted heads. Do you see their faces? NO! Just those white gloved hands and blue tinted heads. They converge on Shoney’s and Denny’s restaurants in droves between 4pm - 6pm daily. Gangs of LOLs taking up every available booth and table. Decent law abiding folks can’t get near either place! They sit there, talking their gangsta slang to each other. You’ve heard it: “Dearie, how are you?” “Sweetie is that a new scarf?” “You going to the bridge tournament (no doubt some kind of clandestine meeting to plot the over throw of the free world, as they sit at tables and talk about “slams” and “dummies”) Saturday?” They roam in packs terrorizing craft stores and tea rooms all across the country.

Decent people must take action. If congress doesn’t do something soon to stop this growing menace to society, then the LOLs will have won.

So our campaign is ApartHeight? (THE Goodies again, I’m afraid - I seem to be regressing towards the early 1970s here. )