A newsletter I help put together

can be found on this page in Adobe PDF format. http://www.vitaljkd.com/Visions.htm

I think the last issue, Oct-Dec 2000, didn’t completely suck. If you are really bored, you can waste a couple of minutes looking at this. I’d appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Anyone else out there publish newsletters? Care to post where we could find them on-line? Wanna discuss what is involved? Bitch and moan about what a thankless task it is?

(In case you are wondering, my name and image appear nowhere in this issue.)

Dinsdale, why is it that every time I turn around, I find out something else about you that’s just too cool for words. You formerly red-headed bass-playing ninja father of three, you!

Letter looked great. I used to do the one for an adult education center I taught at (Academy of Hope in D.C.). I took on the task having no real clue about layout, etc., but the issues I did turned out pretty well. It does take 7 times as long as you think it’s going to.