A note on Biggirl

Boy this bitch pisses me off.

I first met her in this thread discussing weight problems, and we completely disagreed. Things got heated, and she even nailed me with a cheap shot in a subsequent pit thread.

In mundane threads we seem to agree nicely, but basically there is full and total disagreement on just about every major issue.

Let’s see what I know about this person.

  1. She’s a woman, and I’m a man.

  2. She’s black (actually a mix,) and I’m white.

  3. She’s had health problems that preclude her activities, while I’m a fitness nut.

  4. She’s a goddamn touchy-feely impractical Democrat, while I’m a self-interested callous and exploitive Republican.

  5. I’ve been lucky enough to have advantages, and smart enough to capitalize on them that my life has been pretty damn good with no major obstacles. I’ve got pretty good bullshit detectors, and though Biggirl has never given any indication concerning her personal circumstances, something in her demeanor tells me she’s had to blaze her own trail in life.

That’s about it.
What pisses me off though is that this broad has a way of turning a phrase with simplicity and precision that I only yearn to posess.

She does that most difficult thing in a debate, empathizing with an opposing argument in her response. On two occasions a slight and simple turn of phrase of hers has caused me to reexamine the seemingly firm fundament I thought I stood on.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that she’s always right. She’s not.

But, if you try to debate honestly, and you find yourself against this person, You’re gonna have to with what she writes. It’s gonna cut.

My advice. Steer clear. This kind of rational intelligence and sincere thought, and goodwill has no rightful place among my fellow bullshit slingers.

So, please me join me in expressing the proper approbrium, scorn, and contempt, that such as Biggirl deserve.

that bold with should have been deal with. Ooops.

I think what you meant to say is that “she all that and a bag of chips.”

Speaking of touchy-feely, what the hell kind of rant was that? Jesus Christ, the Pit’s turning into Haight-Ashbury in '67. For fuck’s sake, let’s try to keep it vicious in here, people, or what’s the point? I’m getting tired of the Oprahtization of everything base and unclean in this country. Please, let’s make an effort to act a little more like rabid wolverines when we’re in here, OK?
Oh yeah, biggirl seems pretty cool to me, too.

Oh, good heavens, I thought I was looking at another minty green/spoofe fistfight. You go away for a couple of days and you come back and all your favorite posters are clawing at each other in the Pit like rabid gerbils. Glad to see it’s not a scylla/big girl ladder match after all.

Whew. :smiley:

I’ve met Biggirl in person at three NYC Dopefests. Not a greater sweetheart on the SDMB.

Just to let you know what kind of person you’re dealing with, at the most recent Fest, I didn’t get to spend much time with her, but when we were saying goodbye, she told me, as she was hugging me that she was sorry she didn’t get to insult me more that night.

Biggirl rocks, man!

She makes me want to try harder to engage difficult people in GD. Damn you for making me feel lazy Biggirl.

And Scylla: you’re worth disagreeing with.

My own pit thread. I’m touched.

I mean, I’m pissed!

I mean. . .

Damn you Scylla for being a reasonable person. How can someone so smart, funny and openminded be so wrong sometimes?

And that making me think thing you do, it’s damned irritating.

Bwahahahahahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard you post.

::wipes the tear from his eye::

I was priviledged to get Biggirl for my Secret Santa last Christmas. I didn’t know her at all, so I searched for her posts, to get some idea of her so I could get her a gift that was appropriate.

I was so impressed by her intelligence, her honesty and her beautiful inner self.

Here’s to you, Biggirl! You are one of the people who make this a better world. Of course, since I am a “touchy-feely impractical Democrat” myself, it is possible that I am slightly biased. :slight_smile:



Somebody had to do it.

Yes, it’s come to that in The Pit, woodstockbirdybird.

Or maybe the Biggirl appreciation thread.
Scylla, was that supposed to be a rant?

I say try again, and this time insert some profanities and venom.
You know, say things that would make a sailor blush. (no, not you sailor)

Or not.

OK. Now I’m pissed.

I posted something like this IRT to Maeglin a few months ago, and got punted straight to MPSIMS.

How dare you be nice in the Pit! [sub](when I’m not allowed…)[/sub]

<pout> I’m taking my toys and going… </pout>

This is pretty embarassing for a Pit thread. But it makes me happy because I’m catagorically against the typical abusive Pit thread.

For myself, I like Biggirl and am finding Scylla less annoying than normal. :wink:

I think that this thread needs a new home…see you in MPSIMS.


It was inevitable.

Uh, nevermind.

Besides if you took my advice now, Coldy would scold you for using that language in this forum, and would suggest you take it to the Pit.

Damn. She’s tough.

Baby, I love it when you move my thread.

OK, how many posts (counting this one) have ever been booted FROM the Pit?

…oh wait… am I too late!!!