A personal Scrabble feat

(I can’t sleep, so I figured I’d post this!)

Mom and I played Scrabble this afternoon. Now mind you, I hardly ever get a Bingo so when I do, it’s pretty exciting for me. On my last move of the game, I played ALERTING (the R already on the board) across two Triple Word Score spots. Between that and the bonus for it being a Bingo? 122 points. HOLY CRAP. My ending score was 452 points. It was both glorious and insane…so much so that I called grandma to report the joyful news. She was quite pleased. :smiley:


I’m jealous. I usually have a really great word but it usually ends up getting played in a really crappy spot.

I have the Scrabble computer game, and I love it. Total Scrabble nerd here. Way to go!

Kudos! A brilliant bit of playing.

Excellent work! And I’m glad you called your grandmother to share the news. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah? Well I once went down the diagonal with all the double and triple word scores, and scored 1138 points with one word.

My fiancee has twice scored 131 points using the same squares as you did sara. Two different words, two different games. She talked about it for days.

Too bad you didn’t take a picture of the board. It might be the highpoint of your life and they could have etched it into your grave stone. :smiley:

My great Scrabble move happened in one of the very last plays of the game. I played ‘‘LIQUEURS’’ on a triple-word score, getting not only the 50 point bonus but a million points on top of that. I had been losing by over 50 points, but because of that move I won the game! It was AWESOME.

My greatest scrabble feat was getting Bingos on back-to-back plays (although neither was a fabulous double-triple word score). I think I have gotten two total since.

Way to go! Woo-hoo! You should read Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis - a funny look at competitive Scrabble playing and the misfits it attracts. When I use up all of my tiles in one turn it’s a big deal… if they do it less than five times or so in a game, they’re having a bad day.

It’s been a while since I played Scrabble, what’s a bingo?

I just remembered that I have access to Google. :wink: So I answered my own question.

You can score Diagonal? Really?


I have already, in fact, read Word Freak! Good book, and Fatsis crossed my mind when I made that play.

Mom insisted on a rematch today. I made two more bingos…although when I checked them after the game, I learned one of them wasn’t actually a word. Oops.

(FWIW, the good bingo was STRAINERS. The bad one was HEARTED.)

HEARTED is valid. So is EARTHED. What dictionary are you using?

I played tonight and got two bingos: MARINERS (A on the board) and CRANIUM, although in the latter case I got away with one as I played the C on TO to form TOC - not a word. Who’d have thought that TICTOC is all one word? (So is TICKTOCK).

I regularly beat Fatsis at the DC Scrabble club.

I love that book. I’ve read it a couple of times since it came out. I want to get an official Scrabble club down here because of it.

I thnk that’s the closest club to my town. But it’s four hours away.

I don’t play Scrabble, but I was playing a new game this past summer that is kind of Scrabble-like, and I loved it. Bananagrams. Basically, you use the tiles to create your own Scrabble board; you start with a certain number of tiles, and pick up the rest from the pile in the middle as the game is played. The first person who uses all their letters, wins. I’m simplifying, but it really is fun. I won twice; once by actually winning, once by default, because everyone else had spelling errors when they said they were done.

I did learn a new word that I am dying to use. Well, two actually. Did you know that sea dog can be written as one word, or two? The meaning as written as two words is what I’ve usually known it to be - an experienced sailor - or a seal. Written as one, it is synonym for fogbow. What’s a fogbow? Well, it’s like a rainbow, but on fog. And it’s yellow.

Never say I don’t educate others…