A Picture MMP {My First MMP}

I know this is a little early, but I need to head to bed.

A couple weeks ago, Rigs posted pictures of herself. I posted that it would be fun to have a MMP decided to pictures of Mumpers. So here goes, post a picture of a younger you (if you have one available) and a more recent picture of you.

Here is me, circa 1984 (I’m the one on the left.) I was about 1 1/2 years old in this picture. The boy in the picture is my second cousin Ryan.

Now a recent picture of me. This was taken this spring, after I had my hair colored.

I can’t wait to put faces to all of you mumpers! Post your pictures!


Dang it!

Damnit, all my baby photos are at home. Home being Seoul, Korea. I’ll ask my mom to scan and send me one.

You were a cute baby, McUne! I love the streaks in your hair in your current photo

Well, damn, I have a scanner, but I’m not sure it works because we’ve never hooked it up.

If I can manage to get it hooked up and working I’ll scan a childhood and/or baby picture. I’m not sure I have any current pictures of me that I want to share. I’ll look though.

I think I shall toddle off to bed now.


Here’s me at 3 years old. Third from left, with my dad on my left and my mom at my right, at a family dinner party with my grandparents.

High school age, probably 17 or so.

After graduating high school, with my beloved 4Runner and kayak.

Me, 2 days ago, photo taken by my girlfriend at the movie theater before we saw the Darjeeling Limited. It was our 2 year anniversary.

Don’t think I have any childhood pictures in digital format… maybe I’ll see if I can get one scanned during the week.

Y’all are invited to see me (and a few others) here. I think this is the best one.

And **Roo? **Taking pot shots at the end of the previous MMP is bad form :stuck_out_tongue: Just sayin’… Oh, and of course my thinking score should have been higher… but apparently that test only considers thinking with one head as being of any significance… :wink:

Nice idea, McUne! :slight_smile:

Zoe posted a question toward the end of the last MMP. (Hope you saw McUne’s link. Also, FCM, it appears she’s stalking you. :smiley: ) Have you tried soaking the shells in water with baking soda added? I don’t think it would change the color.

I have to scan a kid pic and decide which grown-up pic to use. Not now, cuz I’m supposed to be asleep. (I was, and woke up… :mad: ) Nice pics so far, though…

Hello to all of you who haven’t been here before!

Back to sleep, I hope.


Yes, this is my very first MMP ever also.

I don’t have a scanner. I assume I can scan a younger photo in at a Kinko’s or something like that? I’ll check tomorrow; there’s a place nearby that I can scan one in. I have a darling photo of me and my sister if I can find it.

In the meantime, here’s one of me taken recently, and here’s another one of me and Papa Tigs at the MADDope this spring.

And now it’s way past my always-too-late bedtime, so I shall toddle off and visit more in the a.m.!

Mom’s cleaning lady is here, so the search’n’scan will have to wait a few hours.

Three years ago, Mom was all set on getting something to put on her radiators, cos she’d decided radiators are ugly (I didn’t know they were supposed to be pretty, myself). Middlebro, who worked in a marble company (not a quarry, these cut marble and stone and set it in buildings, tombs, etc), proposed getting slabs of marble and setting them on top of the radiators; she already had something like that with a slab of wood on one radiator. Last year, Lilbro (who was in the marble business at the time) finally got the marble, but the pieces needed to put it on top of the radiators “didn’t exist any more.” Last saturday I took one of the supports for the wood to a hardware store and told one of the guys “Mom has these on one of her radiators, you guys have anything similar?” “Sure.” The current model is a tad more sophisticated, but lo and behold, the marble slabs are now in place! Turns out my brothers had asked the hardware store guys for “a part just like this one” - I don’t know whether they asked the wrong guy or the guy just thought “ah, no, just like that one we don’t have” but didn’t think of showing them the current model.

I don’t have any pics of l’ilfaerie, well I do but they’re buried somewhere at home and I’d need to scan them and I’m going on holiday at the weekend and it’s all too much hassle!

We had snow yesterday so today’s journey to work was slushy, slippery and generally more aggravation than you want on a Monday morning. And I didn’t want to get out of my nice warm bed either.

On the plus side, I’m only here for four days this week 'cos I’ve got Friday off for pre-holiday panic and stuff like that.

As soon as I get to the shop, I’ll post some pictures. My dad pulled a few out the other day when he was cleaning.

I slept rather well last night, I was surprised.

Happy Morning to all!

I also slept surprisingly well. Maybe that’s what we all have in common this week? That would be good.


Y’all are slacking! So few pictures so far…

Especially annoying is the fact that (other than the OP and **Tigs **-- nice pics BTW, you don’t look half-bad, either of you! ;)), there have been no more female pictures :frowning: :smiley:

C’mon, we need to see what you all look like. For, um, scientific purposes; yeah, that’s it…

me, age 18 months
me, in high school, in “Harvey” (I played the sister of the man who saw the invisible rabbit)
me, last Christmas

eta: I am now going back to sleep

I do have a couple of pics but they’re both fairly recent. One is from a fancy dress party where we did a group thing and went as Snow White and the Nine Dwarves (allowing for inflation), I was the Wicked Witch.

This one is about ten years old now, I think. It was definitely taken before I met 'im indoors.

I’m glad to hear some people got a good night’s sleep, I certainly didn’t. He was snoring, the cats were restless and around 5am Ophie decided she wanted to play.

How you doin’? :wink:

Here’s a picture of me with my great niece taken last Thanksgiving at mom’s. Somewhere I have my high school senior year picture, and, I think, a baby picture. I’ll try to hunt 'em down.

I am going over to my church this morning to help put together food boxes for Thanksgiving. I think we have like 30 of 'em. Then, on my way to da brewry Ima drop off a couple of 'em cause they’re in the direction I’ll be headed for work. This is either a really good idea or a really dumb one. We shall find out. :smiley:

Later Y’all!

Awww, everyone’s baby pics are so cute!

Unfortunately I don’t have any of mine online. I’ve got some darn cute ones (modestly). ANd Mr. Lissar has this awesome one of him and his brother in the bathtub. I think he’s about two, so his brother’s four. They put him to bed, put Brother in the bath, went back to check on Mr. Lissar… and he’d disappeared.

He’s in the bathtub, in his pajamas, looking confused and a little guilty. Great picture.
Here he is last fall, at Attacks Husband’s house. He’s thinking, "Put down the bloody camera already. And here’s Driving Husband, same place, waiting to throw knives. Here’s a washed-out pic of me at Other Quasi-Daughter’s wedding two years ago. I don’t have any recent pics of myself, sorry.
Welcome to the new people!

Time for breakfast, and then running around trying to finalize all my application stuff. Whee. On the bright side, Driving Husband is driving me.