A Pit thread for Asahi

They did, he just kept drinking and driving anyway.

Then you should read it. They DID “take away” his driving privileges. He already was willing to break the law by driving drunk. He wasn’t about to let a little thing like not having a license to operate a motor vehicle stop him from operating motor vehicles. If they want to stop him driving, they’re gonna have to have him on 24/7 monitoring for the rest of his life.

Which they’re also doing, I guess.

Yup, read a bit of the topic and the general vibe is reasonable. Except asahi who seemed to think the U.S. is a failed state because… wait for it… our public transit? who in this topic seemingly thinks it would be worse to vote for Republicans 17 times than to drive drunk 17 times?


’ Say what you want about Hitler but remember, he never voted Republican!’

He might’ve voted Weimar Republican at some point.

And now asahi has fucked up the MLB postseason thread complaining about baseball players wearing protective equipment, and using homophobic slurs to do so. It’s not even about a change in style of play, it’s just gloves they wear to avoid injury. He evidently feels very threatened by this.

I guess it goes along with his internet tough guy act regarding republicans. The dude has some deep insecurities.

Aspenglow: “I suggest you take a time out.”

Don’t they get ejected from the game in baseball? Or is there a penalty box?

How many times did he get beaned, anyway?

Still no warning? C’mon ump!

Perhaps more is being considered?

I say give him a warning for slurs and a mod note for everyone to drop the idiotic hijack. No thread ban yet, but keep it on the table if he can’t control himself.

And then reopen the thread! There are things to discuss, like the Dodgers losing. We need to read more of asahi’s insightful analysis, like “if the Dodgers don’t score more runs than 0, they will lose the series.”

…and the concept of putting on oven mitts to slide. Just putting them on would seriously telegraph your intentions to the opposing team.

Okay guys, look alive! Wills is putting on oven mitts. He’s probably planning on trying to steal second and sliding under the tag!

Or does the guy put on the oven mitts while he’s running the bases? That would be really cumbersome, and probably slow him down.

But yeah, reopen the thread. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this!

The guys who use them put them on every time they reach first. But, most of those guys are always looking for a chance to steal a base.

I would report if I was offended. But on the grand scale of things, “fairy ball” and “sissy ass shit” isn’t offensive to me and is quite tame when your team barely didn’t make the playoffs (I believe asahi is also a Cardinals fan).


Are you The Only Gay In The Village?

To the contrary, I’m not gay at all.


My gay family members and friends will be quite relieved that a straight person isn’t offended by homophobic slurs.

Fuck off to your own planet. This isn’t about you or your favorite baseball team.

Why would anyone punch down because of some slight change in equipment? Because asahi is controlled by fear of the other and fear of change, just like Trumpists.

Now look, if you want to report that post go ahead. I’d have no objection if he drew a note or warning for being a jerk, and I understand that some people will say only a jerk uses homophobic slurs to complain about baseball. I’m just not one of those people. I wouldn’t use the slur myself but neither do I find it offensive, “fairy” is a bit strong/outdated but not unheard of for older folk, and “sissy” is normal lingo.

ETA: I’d be thoroughly surprised if it got 7 reports for jerkishness and no mod response whatsoever. (7 posters in this particular pile on, with reason although I disagree)


And baseball players in pink bikinis! Who doesn’t think long, and hard about that?