A Pit thread for Asahi

It’s not like he committed an actual crime like voting for a Republican 17 times.

Exactly this ^ Wish I could rep this a million times.

Not to be a junior mod or anything, but you’d probably get dinged for spamming the board.

It’s up to you whether it would be worth it.

Personally, I’d rather be driven by a Republican than by a drunk.

And that’s the problem. That was obvious sarcasm. It assumes that no one could ever think that voting for a Republican 17 times is somehow worse than killing 17 people. No one would think voting Republican was a crime. Yet here you are agreeing with it!

You’re willing to with death on COVID deniers. We all assumed it was because of the people they kill. But then when this guy kills 17 people, you try to find excuses for why it’s not really his fault. So, if it’s not the killing that warrants wishing death, what is it? This exchange seems to suggest that the part you hate them for is voting Republican.

Sure, I tend to think you’re inebriated when you post this bullshit. It’s why you agreed with something specifically designed to be absurd. But I still find it worrying. Either you have an utterly fucked up sense of morality already, or it disappears when you aren’t inebriated.

The guy who thinks voting Republican is worse than killing someone is very, very fucked up.

  1. The guy in question didn’t kill anybody.

  2. Republicans have probably killed tens of thousands through their misinformation.

Look at the scoreboard and tell me who’s fucked up again.

Seriously, Big T, you’re being borderline retarded here. You can do better.

Hold on there. I never heard that that dipshit killed anybody. He endangered several lives with all his drunk driving (which netted him 17 DUIs), but the article says nothing about him being responsible for any deaths.

Sure, I could fire blindly into a crowd many, many times, only get caught 17 of those times, and somehow manage not to kill anybody - how am I a threat? Why not let me and my gun go merrily on my way until I actually manage to hit some poor fool?

If it were up to me, I would certainly take away gun privileges after multiple careless incidents, possibly after just one.

Haven’t read the linked topic, but am surprised it ever came to 17 DUI convictions. You would think they’d take away his driving privileges long before 17.


Did you ever vote for a Republican?

Get out of jail free card :frowning:

They did, he just kept drinking and driving anyway.

Then you should read it. They DID “take away” his driving privileges. He already was willing to break the law by driving drunk. He wasn’t about to let a little thing like not having a license to operate a motor vehicle stop him from operating motor vehicles. If they want to stop him driving, they’re gonna have to have him on 24/7 monitoring for the rest of his life.

Which they’re also doing, I guess.

Yup, read a bit of the topic and the general vibe is reasonable. Except asahi who seemed to think the U.S. is a failed state because… wait for it… our public transit? who in this topic seemingly thinks it would be worse to vote for Republicans 17 times than to drive drunk 17 times?


’ Say what you want about Hitler but remember, he never voted Republican!’

He might’ve voted Weimar Republican at some point.

And now asahi has fucked up the MLB postseason thread complaining about baseball players wearing protective equipment, and using homophobic slurs to do so. It’s not even about a change in style of play, it’s just gloves they wear to avoid injury. He evidently feels very threatened by this.

I guess it goes along with his internet tough guy act regarding republicans. The dude has some deep insecurities.

Aspenglow: “I suggest you take a time out.”

Don’t they get ejected from the game in baseball? Or is there a penalty box?

How many times did he get beaned, anyway?

Still no warning? C’mon ump!