MLB 2021 Playoffs

So…you only watch playoff baseball? Otherwise you certainly would have seen these sissy mitts before tonight.

You think right.

And Kike did, in fact, end it.

Yeah I just recently got cable again – they don’t exactly put games on regular TV anymore.

Sissy mitts are sissy mitts. It’s disgusting what’s happening to this sport.

Yeah, and what’s with goalie facemasks in hockey? Wimps.

You go out there and bust your fingers, the players don’t need to get hurt so you can feel tough.

When I played baseball, pitchers threw inside. They hit us in the head, the hands, the wrists, the ass, the gut…you dealt with pain. The least of your worries was breaking a fingernail sliding into second or third base. It was collisions at home plate, collisions rounding first, and collisions sliding hard into second. None of that game exists now. It’s manicure league basebelles (MLB)

Evan Longoria!!!

At what level did you play?

Listen. Listen. Hear that silence at Dodgers Stadium?

Love it!

And how hard did they throw in your Little League? The “I’m a tougher guy than professional athletes” bit is so, so tiresome. No, you’re not, and no, you could not possibly take the punishment and fatigue they do.

High school - and at the time, nobody in college or the pros wore oven mitts to slide. I’ve also been part of the video production team on a minor league team – no oven mitts. This is just fairy ball. Sick of this sissy ass shit.

We know that. Like five posts ago we were informed that the “oven mitts” are only a few years old.

What do you mean by “fairy ball”?

It’s fucking Bryce Harper “look at my cool beard” hipster ball. I hate it.

You think that men with full beards are “fairies”? Seriously?

Yep. Lawrenceville hipster wussies.

When was the last time anybody saw a collision rounding first, at any level?

Wait, I can remember that happening when my son was playing tee-ball.


@asahi, I’m locking this thread due to your posting several homophobic statements. I’m not a mod of Game Room, but if I were, I’d give you a warning for this. I suggest you take a time out.

Giants!!! Yes!!!