A question for X-Files fan

I didn’t start watching x-files until this season. I saw it a couple of times when it was new, and didn’t like it, so…I’m only now watching old re-runs, and I saw an episiode last week that has confused me. In the episode Scully was trying to protect 4 teenage girls from dying mysteriously, and in two scenes the girls appears to Scully to be a small girl named, Emily, I think. Scully refered to her as her (presumably dead) daughter. I thought she couldn’t have kids until the baby was born at the end of this season. What’s the story behind this daughter? I looked on several x-files FAQ’s but found no mention of it…

Emily was the result of an experiment using Scully’s harvested ova (taken when she was abducted in season 2). Scully herself didn’t give birth to her; Emily was born of an elderly, hormone-treated woman in a convalescent center.

I’m having trouble connecting to the official X Files site, but in case you can get through, you’ll want to look under season five for the episodes titled “Christmas Carol” and “Emily”. Those descriptions should do a better and more thorough job of explaining things.