A rant about my godson's mother

To the mother of my 19 year old godson:

Every time I see that you’ve posted one of these *“God has given me the greatest gift of all, my wonderful children. I love them more than life itself. I would walk through fire for them. There is nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice for my darling children. They are my world. Click “like” if you feel the same way about your children” *on Facebook I want to jump on the next plane to Florida just so I can punch you in your fat smug Jesus Freak face.

You beat the crap out of you son when he was young because you needed an outlet for your frustrations. Then you abandoned him and his brother and ran away with a crackhead, leaving your kids sad, scared and confused. While your boys were growing up you cared about nothing but drugs and lesbian jail sex and left them to the mercies of an uncaring father who didn’t believe the boys were his and later, when the father decided to return to his country of origin to enter into an arranged marriage, a foster care/group home system.

Now you claim to be clean and “getting your life together”. You run your big fat God loving mouth constantly about how you want to make things right with your children.

Last year, when your son ended up homeless and really needed you, you had your chance. When I put him on plane to spend some time with you, all you could do was bitch about how he disrespected you and dropped granola bar wrappers on the floor ( he’s a freaking teenager, sometimes you have to deal with these things ). I’ve had it with your complaints about how he won’t forgive and forget the past – I know he’s working on it but the scars are deep. He feels that you “broke” him then threw him away because he was broken. The fact that you wouldn’t let him continue to live with you because you don’t like his attitude did nothing towards making this better.

So, for the past year your son has been living with me in my one bedroom apartment, sleeping on a daybed I bought for him, with bedding I purchased. I buy his food and keep him in shampoo and toothpaste and MetroCards and laundry soap.
When he has a bad day at work and his confidence is shot, I’m the one he talks to. I’m the one that lectures him about safe sex, the perils of teenaged parenthood, and personal responsibility. When he has girl troubles and needs to talk, he knocks on my door and sits on my bed. He’s a smart sensitive kid with a lot of problems and a lot of promise at a critical juncture of his life. He got his GED while living with me and is starting community college in the fall.

Not only have you never thanked me for stepping up to the plate and doing your job, you seem to feel affronted by the very fact that he’s doing well. During our infrequent and short conversations you always start by immediately reiterating some story about the time he didn’t put his used soda cup in the trash he is and telling me what a horrible child he is, then you have the nerve to get nasty when I disagree.

This isn’t about you, you self-centered cunt. I’ve turned my life upside down for your son because I genuinely care for him and want him to be successful and happy. My motive is not to show you up and expose you as a bad parent. Get over yourself, bitch.

And stop posting that sanctimonious crap on Facebook. Be honest and post:
“God has given me the greatest gift of all and boy howdy, did I abuse the hell out of it. I love my children but only in the absolutely most abstract sense and only when they are 1000 miles away, I find the reality of them an incredible inconvenience. I know I damaged them terribly but that’s Ok as long as I don’t have to see the scars I inflicted. Click LIKE if you suck as a mother”

RANT OVER, I had to get that out of my system.

Wow. It’s bad enough when a halfway decent mother posts those kind of insipid posts. When a really bad mother does so, it’s inexcusable. I’m amazed either you or the son has anything to do with the bitch. But good for you for helping him find a much needed refuge.

I was relieved when I got to the part about how the son is now living with the OP.

Hang in there, Ann Hedonia.

We should petition FB to start including a cunt-punt button just for these occasions.

Keep up the good work Ann Hedonia

It’s a shame you can’t unfriend that bitch and change your number. Her son would be so much better off without her. That said, you’re an awesome person for taking him in and doing the right thing. As his cuntastic mother would say, you’ll get crowns in heaven for that.

Then you can shove them up her ass. :smiley:

Can you post that on her wall? :smiley:

I can’t, that’s why I posted it here.

I so want to, but if I start any drama it’ll be likely to suck in the kid and my home is a drama-free zone. I’ve considering unfriending her or at least hiding her posts but I kind of need to know what she’s up to for the sake of her child.

And possibly the one good thing about his “being in the government system” is he gets good health care for free…including shrinks and therapy.

There’s not much to say here. You are an angel Ann Hedonia, and the less said about this boy’s mother the better.

How did your godson become your godson?

Is the mother a friend of yours?

Just curious. I know that I have a godmother, but I’ve never actually met the woman (I don’t even know if she’s still alive). And I doubt if something were to happen with my parents when I was a kid, she’d have actually stepped in to look after my “soul”, let alone my life. So I guess it’s comforting to know that such relationships are not just window-dressing formalities…that there is godmother that actually plays a role in their godchild’s life. Good for you.

Awesome and righteous rant! Job well done. I bet it felt great to say all that! Kudos on NOT posting your exceedingly apt comeback to her drivel, on her wall. Whether from personal strength of character or, fear of the drama, or concern for the child, it is indeed most admirable.

Remind yourself from time to time, that you are not doing as you are, because of the failed human that she is, but because of the awesome person that you are. We can all see it, hoping you can too! He may indeed have been broken, but it’s clear you will help him to heal.

You have my deepest admiration, for the task you’ve taken on. The world needs more people like you, open hearted and filled with loving kindness. Keep up the great work!

Good for you Ann. You actually brought a tear to my eye. The world needs people like you.

This story makes me want to cry.

Good for you, Ann Hedonia, for caring for (and about) your godson.

I use the term “godson” because it describes the relationship, there was never a formal arrangement.
Their Mom was a close friend of mine at the time her children were born but I cut her loose when she became a drug addict. I tried as much as possible to maintain a relationship with the boys. The older brother is very intelligent and self-sufficient, although he has a huge manipulative streak and a bad habit of sabotaging his younger brother up to advance himself - they are only a year apart in age and they were fighting over what they perceived to be a limited amount of love and attention, I think.

This needed to be posted again, in it’s entirety. I wish I’d written it.

He’s not broken; he’s just badly bent. :slight_smile:

Good for you for being a parent to him, even though he’s technically an adult himself now. If your guidance can keep him from being a wasted human being like his mom, then you’re doing an amazing thing.

It must kill him to see posts like that from his mom, too - he was there, he knows what happened.

ETA: The smiley face is intended to indicate a humourous statement, not because I find anything about this situation funny.

Aaaaaaa-men to that!

Out of curiosity, where is the younger son? Is he doing okay?

And also, you’re really awesome for taking him in. :slight_smile:

I was wondering that too, and ditto!

“A” for this.

“A+” for including lesbian jail sex.


I was assuming the son staying with Ann IS the younger son.