A scary finding. my grandma has a tumour

Hiya all.

My grandma had a colonoscopy(sp?) yesterday and they found and biopsied a tumour in her bowel. I do not know what the results are of the test are yet but I hope it isn’t cancer.

Tis a scary feeling, being the grandson. I love my grandma, I’m the oldest grandkid on that side of the family and thus am very close to her. I remember going to her place when I was small and always having somthing fun to do… my grandfather was and still is into woodwork so there was always something for little hands to play with…

forgive me… I’m rambling…


Hope your grandma is ok. Finding something like that can be scary but hopefully it won’t be anything serious.

sending positive vibes your way!

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope everything turns out o.k.