A story for FairyChatMom: Something went right at Not Always Right

So, a few weeks ago FairyChatMom started that thread, Tell me about being “written up”, that started like this:

So of course I just had to go read a few stories there. Damn you, FairyChatMom, I ended up spending whole day (then and several times since) reading that stuff!

Okay, if you’re really a regular reader there, perhaps you’ve already seen this:

Here’s a story of something that did go right at Not Always Right:

The Illustrated Picture Version (If it’s too small to read, you should be able to click on it to embiggen.)

I saw that story yesterday and it made me all warm-n-fuzzy inside. :smiley:

Welcome to my addiction, by the way.

Awww. That’s wonderful.

Just FYI, FCM left today for a week-long cruise, so she might not see this for awhile.

My nature is to be a bit skeptical of stories like that; still teared up anyway.

And thanks for another site I’m going to spend way to much time on; here’s one for you (mind the language, but it is not what you think): http://fuckinghomepage.com/archive

Pssst, look two posts above yours.

On that note, this is a wonderful fucking weather app: http://authenticweather.com/ (if you like some salty language in your forecast.)

Love the site, I also hang out over at CustomersSuck.com =)

Kinda interesting, though, how they edited that story. The original (un-illustrated) version and the illustrated version are slightly different. One noticeable difference: In the original, he describes himself as “. . . a very big dude, covered in tattoos and a beard . . .” — but in the picture-version, he doesn’t mention the tattoos, and he is drawn without any tats. There are other minor changes in the wording here and there too.

I must be the only person that read that and my first thought was “She waited six months before even saying ‘thank-you’”?!

I read Not Always Right Right regularly. And from the comments, I get the idea that a certain percentage of the stories are made up, either by te submitters or by the editors/site operators. That’s a little disappointing. On the other hand, perhaps it means people aren’t always as stupid as the site would have you believe.

And regarding that; this was the single mother of a seriously ill little girl. Presumably she had other things to do in the interim.

She had time to download the photos. She had time to ping a single line message saying “these are great - thanks so much”.

()_&^&^&&() Never post before 9am, that’s going to be my new rule (*^%^&%&.

Okay then, what if everybody follows that rule?

(The Fallacy of Composition.)

(ETA: Disregarding, for sake of argument, the issues about multiple time zones.)

No you’re not.

But, perhaps, what Dewey Finn said.