A surprising encounter for the SDMB One-Trick-Pony Chowder and Marching Society w/H4E

I still think KayKay was sort of hounded away. Not one of our finest hours.

How can we miss her if she won’t go away?

I want to know when Justhink will be invited to join the society (although they would have to meet at his place as the outside world is illogical, non-transparent and counter-intelligent.

Why did SeaSorbust miss this meeting? Or was it too hard to work the Flaming Asteroid Doom Angels into the conspiracy?

JC: You are a kind hearted chap to think so, but I distinctly remember the poster in question being whisked off into the poster-protection program, given a new identity, and then proceeding to piddle all over the fresh start. Some people may have been unnecessarily unkind, but this 2nd chance should have more than made up for it.

Hiyruu has got to be my all time favorite. I still wonder if he wasn’t actually Mr. Winter himself. :smiley:

:: standing, applauding, waving burnt matchsticks::

**Author, Author **

Fenris, you ever think of writing for Mad Magazine? They need good, funny people.

That’s why I’m all naked.

Can we get these One Trick Pony meetings archived on the Teemings Page next to the Moderator Origins? Yes?

I don’t see where H4E quoted meaningless scripture in every other sentence or mentioned her belief in the absolute truth of Jack Chick. Maybe that will be in the next meeting.

Gotta tell you, that was one of the funniest things I’ve read on this board in a long long time. It made my day. Thanks Fenris.

Could you change your sig to Whooooooooosh! so we don’t have to keep posting it for you.


Fenris, you are officially funny as feck.

I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about that…

Eh? Who said that?

Said what?

Fenris, I am pleased to be able to call you friend. Really. :slight_smile:

Robin, who is glad she’s not on the pointy of the skewer

'Cause I don’t wanna…yet.:smiley:
Somethin just keeps bringing me back. :confused:

[Church Lady] Could it be … SATAN? [/Church Lady]

(snicker) You’re mean! I’m leaving! (snicker) I am SOOOOOO sure!

What did she do this time?