Nuke A Gay Baby Whale For Jesus...

Sucker, I just said that to bring attention to MOO THE MAGIC COWs post IMHO…The girl could use some advice from Dopers. Get on down there, do some of that posting stuff, Lurkers, WTF, this is your time to shine. Old Farts, lets hear from you…I firmly believe every SDMB poster has been in the same position… If you disagree with me, may a weird holy man follow you home at night. If you agree with me then, May the Forces of Darkness become Dazed and Confused on the way to your house…

Hmmmm, an imbecile.

How…quaint. :wally

Lynn ain’t gonna like this. She hates joke threads in The Pit.

Ah, I love the smell of inane drivel in the morning.

I tried to run the OP through Babblefish, but there was no Moron-to-English option available.

5… 4… 3…


I’m telling on you

And when Lynn ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Lynn being Lynn in the Pit is a joy to watch. bojon I once compared you to bjorn. That was terribly unfair to our Icelandic friend. Please wrack your brain and post something coherent and useful.

fruitbat, the comparison doesn’t even work when you came him with bjork.

Mayhap we might have one of those strange entities called “links”?

bojon, when I see a post like yours, I have to wonder if the SDMB is too much stimulation for your overworked brain, or if you’re just trolling. Then I look up your warnings, and some notes that I made, and conclude that either way, the SDMB is just not good for you. So, for your own good…bye-bye.

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