A Thread for the Mueller Investigation Results and Outcomes (Part 1)

Another solid post; again: I agree.

What the fuck are you doing wasting time tearing down someone who is on your side, cmc?

Shoot, California secession would make everybody happy: Californians and MAGAts alike. The only losers would be rational people in the other 49 states.

Because it wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

CMC fnord!

Nothing, nothing at all. I confess: I used the term Manifest Destiny because I have no idea what it means. I think I heard someone talk about it on the radio once.


He wants to impress you with his “acumen.”

Isn’t acumen some kind of spice used in cooking?

I don’t know, why don’t you ask that nut, Meg?

p.s. Yes, I’m horrible at puns - I’ll stop.

Sage decision. Good thyming.

I cilantro what you did there.

For anyone curious, Manifest Destiny was the belief in the innate superiority of white American settlers, and that their destiny was to occupy and control all of America from coast to coast, at a time when much of the west was still ‘Indian territory’. it was big in the early to mid 1850’s, and used to justify all sorts of shitty actions against the ‘savages’ that occupied the land.

You seriously had no idea what the term manifest destiny, one of the major excuses given for the conquest of North America from coast-to-coast over the last two centuries, means?

I had absolutely no idea at all. I just write random shit. Like, I could have just as easily written:

As I’ve said repeatedly, rage is good. This country was founded on it, and if it doesn’t find its inner Thomas Payne soon, it’s going to kiss 2 centuries and change of slavery, Jim Crow and self-government goodbye.

But, like, who was Jim Crow?

It also sounded better in the original German, Lebensraum.

It the go to spice for fava beans, doesn’t clash with the Chianti.

CMC fnord!

asahi - I’ve always pretty much agreed with you. A little shrill at times. But really, shrill ain’t enough at this point.

And what we a looking at is ‘Dumb shit destiny’. Bunch of morons are leading a bunch of morons. The outcome is… predictable.

That’s about the nicest way I can put it.

That joke would work better if the term “manifest destiny” hadn’t been coined some fifty-five years earlier than “Lebensraum.”

True, but it begs the question* ‘Do they even know that much history?’
*Not to be confused with the actual logical fallacy.

CMC fnord!

A court ruled it cannot compel Don McGahn to testify over potential obstruction of justice related to Mueller case. 2-1 decision on ideological lines.

Kremlin papers confirm that Putin actively supported Trump in 2016 by ordering the three Russian spy agencies to support him at all costs in January, 2016:

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