A thunderstorm! I win $78,000!

Last night we had a thunderstorm. A big yawn for most who would read this, but here in Anchorage, it’s a rarity. So rare, in fact, that in all my years growing up here, I never heard thunder. So it was quite an event.

We lay in bed with the windows open, enjoying the rain and the booming, and thought about other places we’ve been where these are common. I wondered aloud if there might be any lightning in evidence (keeping in mind it’s June in Alaska, so darkness is also a rarity), and the Ms. says “no, it’s just the collision of a warm and cold front.”

“Huh?” says I, ever the wit.

“Yeah, that’s what causes thunderstorms”.

“Er…no, lightning is what causes thunder, or actually the air passage from the electrical discharge.”

“Yeah, well I’ll bet you anything that I’m right.”
Oh man, my golden opportunity presented on a platter. See, I’ve been lobbying for a new 28’ Class C Bigfoot RV that’s on sale for $78K, and getting stiff-armed at every turn. So I subtly said “Soooooo…::looks at fingernails::…how’s $78,000 sound for a bet?”

“You’re on!” she exclaims.

She is so screwed. I’m gonna enjoy the new truck.

I think the bet is void since you’re talking about what causes thunder and she is talking about what causes thunderstorms.

No, it’s not void, he just didn’t win.

So, what is the little lady going to do with her $78,000? :dubious:

What a strange argument. The equivalent of …

Chefgal: I love apples. They’re grown in Washington, you know.
Chefguy: What? Are you nuts? Oranges are grown in Florida! Washington couldn’t possibly grow oranges, it’s the wrong climate!

Sorry, Chefguy, I couldn’t resist.

Nah, I condensed the conversation for brevity. She was CLEARLY trying to tell me that the booming noise was caused by warm air colliding with cold air. While that generates the storm, it’s lightning that causes the durm und strang.

Wrong, wrong, you are wrong! Oranges are not grown in Florida; it’s the coriolis effect that causes water to swirl clockwise around the drain.

Sheese . . . I thought *everybody * knew that. . .

I’ll have to ask you how Anchorage is sometime. I’ve been fantasizing about escaping civilization and moving there. According to all the salaries we looked at, you make better then average up there in most things. Besides the fresh air would do me some good.

You could give me a tour in your $78,000 truck. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is that the bet will be voided for vagueness. Nevertheless, if I were in your shoes, I would have bet $78,000 and a super-duper back rub.

My only advice to you on that score is this: Do NOT move up here unless you already have a job waiting for you. If you foolishly ignore this advice, do NOT move up here between November and March. If you stupidly ignore even THAT rudimentary advice, for Og’s sake do NOT move to Fairbanks. After that, I can’t help you.

Or the sturm und drang, for that matter. :smack:

Cool, can I borrow your truck to drive around the country for a couple months? I need to look for this dude named Bobby Falzone. Way back in '95 I bet him a billion dollars that Schwarzenegger would one day become governor of California, and I could really use that billion right now.

Good to know, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, if you’re willing to share. Sadly, I know in my heart that my victory dance is probably wishful thinking. The Ms. treats interest payments like plague of toads, and I just can’t swing $78K cash. But it’s a sweet ride.

Funny, my SO treats debt the same way. Why are girls always so worried about the future? I’m an American, I want instant gratification!

Indeed a sweet ride though…

I’m a true American; instant gratification takes too long!