Dammit Thor, I'm trying to sleep

Damn that was a loud thunderstorm last night. I’m so used to trains passing by that it felt weird to have that much noise and not have the apartment shaking. It woke me up at about two in the morning, and I mean WOKE ME UP. I got up and unplugged my TV, VCR, and DVD player and my computer, then opened up the blinds to watch.

Awesome. I saw cloud-to-cloud lightning and cloud-to-ground lightning and some of it was CLOSE. I closed the windows when it started raining and started getting sleepy again so moved from the futon in the living room back to bed. Damn, nice lightshow.

:: checks thunder god duty roster ::

Dear, the thunder god on duty last night was Perun, not Thor, who had yesterday off for obvious reasons. I will forward your complaint to the appropriate pantheon.



Cool - I never got to see good thunderstorms when I lived in Ventura. Had to move to the midwest to see truly awsome lightning strikes. It helps that the tallest structure around, a really massive cell tower, is just over my back fence.

Glad to here you got some rain out your way. I keep thinking I’ll move back to Ventura, but not until it gets a decent amount of precip.

Here, we’ve had several thunderstorms every week for months, which have often awoken me. It could be worse, though; you could have been awoken by this.