A toast to Cranky

CrankyAsAnOldMan rocks. I know she’s been here much longer than i have and we haven’t interacted all that much, but i think that if you think that someone’s cool you should always say it so…

She always seems to have something clever/funny/wise to say. In the past week alone: she’s knowledgeable in GQ and funny as hell in a pit thread. In MPSIMS she’s the voice of reason in a controversial thread, helpful and nice to fellow dopers, occasionally curmudgeonly (about things i think it’s quite sensible to be curmudgeonly). She has great ideas and gives good advice too. Hell, she’s just an all-round exemplary doper in my book.

And on top of all this, she raises 2-year-old Cranky Jnr and is doing a PhD. Hats off to the woman.

I raise my glass to Cranky. Join me?


Ditto and absolutely!

::raises a glass::


Then again, I’ll drink to anything.

Hear hear! Tchuss!

::raises her glass::

Cranky has often tickled my funny bone with some sly or snide remark hereabouts. She was also the first to proclaim a secret crush on me at these boards. Put the two together and it’s a perfect excuse to toast her with a long pull of cold Vernor’s.

Cranky, you kick ass.

::downs toast:: Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, it’s champagne…

I’ve met Cranky and she is just as cool in person.

Here’s to you, Cranky!

Plus, I love your board name. :slight_smile:

I hosted a Dopefest last summer, at my home. Cranky was one of several SDMB Glitterati that attended, and I can indeed attest to her utter fabulousness. She truly doth rock. :smiley:

she also picks out fantastic presents.
she has given me a great reason to clean out my basement.
cranky is VERY cool.

Francesca I agree. Cranky is among the first names I started to recongized as a personal favorite.


Can’t toast right now (I’m at work!), but as soon as I get home!:wink:

Here’s to ya (in an hour or so) Cranky!!

I’m home now!

Astroboy stands and raises his beer

Here’s to ya, Cranky! For many reasons!

Cheers to Cranky!

We havent had any klind of one to one correspondence yet, so she is not exactly an acquaintance for me, but I do admire her from afar, and I would like to be a friend of hers:))))

…but I had no idea she’d infiltrated the SDMB! I suspect that in some threads I’m more tolerated than liked, but spread enough money around and you can get anyone to chime in with a fond word or two.

Seriously, I’m stunned and embarrassed and sheepishly delighted and appreciative. I saw this thread last night but was too overwhelmed to acknowledge how nice it was to see.

Thanks! Thanks Francesca and the rest of you. *blows kisses, straightens foil tiara, blushes furiously and bolts out of the room *

She ain’t too cranky. She’s not that old. She sure as hell ain’t a man.

What’s up with that username, CoolAsAHipChick?

And that’s why I like you so much.

Foil tiara, what a hoot!

I hope Dt. Mt. Dew is okay for a toast.

Keep on keeping on, Cranky!

----:)/ x o x o x

Plus, she’s cute as a button. And an excellent dinner partner. And neither old nor a man. Yay Cranky!

Even though she stood me up the first time I went to a Michigan Dopefest, my first Dopefest [sub]okay, so it was in the middle of a major winter storm[/sub], and even though she came up with the idea of the SWAP MEET and then I got left holding the bag [sub]okay, so I volunteered and it was actually kinda fun[/sub], I guess she’s an okay chick.

Here’s to you, Cranky. Salute!