A totally freaky test

A totally freaky test.

Think of a country that starts with D, an animal that starts with K, and fruit that starts with O. Everything else in the text is distraction.

Me, I think of a Jackal in Djibouti eating a Lemon…

Dog in Deutschland eating a Guava?

a cat in the Dominican Republic licking a tomato?

Ice bear in Dubai ravishing raspberries.

Originally, I had a Koi in Denmark, but couldn’t think of any fruit with i…

The sum of the digits of any number produced by multiplying 1-10 by 9 always equals nine. I think I learned that in third grade.

Once you know that, it isn’t that “freaky”.

Not that freaky. The digits of any number where 9 is a factor always add up to 9, so the country always starts with D. Everything else is a small matter of psychology.

Err. Ravaging, even. :o

Hey, some of those raspberries can be pretty damn sexy.

I had a camel in the Dominican Republic eating a lime.

They shoulda specified a whole number from 1 to 10.

I couldn’t finish it. Does anyone know a fruit that starts with a Y.

You want creepy? Try the Mystic Ball. It took me quite some time to figure it out. (Of course, now some Doper is going to make me feel stupid by saying how obvious it is).


Koala in Denmark eating an apple. <shrug>

You’re not the only one. I’m actually amazed.

I had an Ibex in Dubai eating a… What fruit starts with X?

Well, this might have worked out if I could add. Because 2 + 7 is so totally 10, you guys.

I ended up with an amoeba in Ethiopia eating an avocado.

Xigua. (It’s very much like a watermelon).