Normality test

Found this little gem through

skipping the inane “pick a number” thing since it always ends up as “D”

When I took this today, of course I thought of Denmark first, so I threw that out and picked Djibouti (upon checking, I even spelled it right!), Iguana (good thing I didn’t pick Ibex), and Apricot. Even so, I have a hard time believing that a full 98% would pick Denmark and Kangaroo, especially if you ask “are you 2% or 98%”. Sure, that’s the easiest, but what about the Dominican Republic? Or Koalas?

So how many doper are Norms and how many are Weirdos?


Koala in Denmark eating an apple, although I don’t think a koala would eat an apple, even a Fuji apple, which are really really yummy.

Kingfisher (bird) in Denmark, eating rhubarb.

Does anyone want some rhubarb? I have a whole bunch here.

I thought of an octopus eating a strawberry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (its proper name).

Same as Cyn - does that make me weird??

A dog in Deutchland eating a grenadine.

la la la

You’re not the first to say so…

I assume that means you’re normal. [sub]Sheep![/sub]

On second thought, I suppose the “Pick a number between one and ten, multiply by nine, add the digits together and subtract five, a=1, b=2…” deal is intended to make you think you have a random starting letter and therefore distracts you from the 2% vs. 98% statement.

Or perhaps most dopers are simply weirdos in comparison to the general population, which is not really surprising (and fine by me). Maybe I should try it around the office…

An Iguana eating an apple in Dubai? When I first saw the question, my mind blocked and forgot about Denmark.

A dingo in Deutschland eating an orange. It would appear that I fall somewhere between normal and weird.

A capybara eating an avocado in the Dominican Republic

Actually, the first animal to spring to mind was a cassowary, but I couldn’t think of a fruit that started with a “Y”, so I had to back up a step.

So it’s confirmed–I’m not normal. I’m sure that comes as a shock…

Kangaroo, Demark, orange.

Normal. Whew.

Orangutan eating a Nectarine in Democratic Reupblic of Congo.

Yeah, I’m off. :slight_smile: I thought when I got to the country that everyone would think “Denmark” and thought of something else. :slight_smile:

Same as you, mrblue, I immediately thought of Denmark, but then decided to go with Dominica.
E-fruit? No idea.

Weirdo, I guess.

Denmark, yeah.
Um, koala, and then apple. I’ll bet alot of dopers won’t necessarily pick kangaroo first off. 'Cept perhaps those in Australia. Koala bears, aren’t those from China? Kudos to all y’all who didn’t pick Denmark, and yes the ‘pick a number’ thing was inane.

And thank you, mrblue92, for a new website to visit :).

ahhh, wierd again…

Chicken in Dominican Republic eating a nectarine. And that’s odd, because normally I end up picking the ‘correct’ choices in normality tests like this. Perhaps it’s because Denmark doesn’t start with D in Finnish language.

Cat, eating a tangerine in the Dominican Republic.

Oh! They meant EARTH countries!