A tribute ( for loved ones lost to suicide)

I missed world suicide day last month (September 9th); in truth I had never heard of it. But my sister did not miss the day and she wrote the most beautiful poem ever for our lost brother.

So, for E.

An invisible hand on my shoulder,
a thought that fleets through my mind,
or a memory that lingers a while longer
are reminders of what you’ve left behind.
The questions that will never be answered,
and emotions that can’t be expressed
remain locked in my heart forever,
as you’ve chosen to go to your rest.
But the memories of you light my lifetime,
and they shine through the heartache and pain,
as the journey continues without you,
each new day finds a place for your name.
Not a day goes by that I do not think of my lovely brother and I wish that there was something I could have done that would have kept him here.
For all of you suffering some of the same pain as us - a poem from the heart.

Thank you

Beautiful. I’d like to share this, may I add the author’s name?

Thank you for sharing that.

Thank you for sharing this; it is beautiful. My neighbor just lost her nephew to suicide; would you mind if I shared this? I think it would help.

That is beautiful.
I would like to share it with a former coworker who lost his stepson to suicide less than a month ago.

Thank you.

My own big brother is frozen in time and in memory at twenty three. And it was about twenty three years ago that he died, forming an odd symmetry.

Please thank your sister for me—a random stranger on the Internet.

I don’t think I’ve even know anyone that’s killed themselves, and that poem still brought tears to my eyes.

I think my sister would be glad if her words could help anyone else.

Please see PM.

King Bobo, Thank you very much for sharing that.

My cousin passed away recently; thank your sister for me as well…