A trip, with a an applie pie (puzzle)

I’m going on a trip. I’m taking the following items:

Sunglasses, money, ties, waistcoat, toenail clippers, fingerless gloves and a satellite phone.

How long will my trip last?

Before I leave, I make a pie as a packed lunch. I prepare these ingredients:

3 Apples
A stick of cinnamon
4 ounces of sugar
A slice of cheese
5 raisins
9 ounces of flour

I also need some eggs, butter and water. Can you help me remember the quantities for these ingredients? In order to make the perfect pie, the order that the ingredients is prepared is important.

Trip is for one week.

And you’re making a pi.

Arrghh, how could I miss that!?
2 Eggs
6 Tbs. of Butter
5 Cups of Water

I got the pi thing, before seeing the answer, but I don’t get the week thing?

Sunglasses, money, ties, waistcoat, toenail clippers, fingerless gloves and a satellite phone.

I got the Pi thing using a chart.

a pie chart! :eek:

I shoulda noticed that.


Are you going to The Land of the Soviets, or The Congo? Or perhaps the Moon?

My company said I’ll probably be sent on a business trip soon. Today at my desk there was a box containing a jacket, a first-aid kit, matches, airline tickets, maps, a jelly jar, a joke book, an army knife, superglue, an onion, noodles, and a drum.


You aren’t by any chance wearing camoflauge, are you?

If so you better go buy yourself a jumper, a flamingo, moussaka, Alleve, mittens, a jack, juniper berries, alligator repellent, salve, Ovaltine, needles and a deck of cards… in fact, you better get two of each!

“Oh, not the pie jokes!” said Tom crustily.

Seems that I’m scheduled for a trip as well. When I arrived this morning I found awaiting me,

A mobile phone, violin, eggs, metronome, jacks, sunglasses, an umbrella, needles, and a pie.

Sadly, when I returned from lunch, my pie was gone. :frowning:

Seriously, this is a horrible puzzle.

“This could go on interminably.” Tom added, irrationally.

I just packed my bag with:

bracelets, bologna, radishes, ocelots, yachts, griddles, ballistae, vermicelli, grunge… and something I can’t think of. Suggestions welcome!

“It’s all gone dark!” exclaimed Tom delightedly.

Shift to the left! Shift to the right! Pop up, push down, byte byte byte!

Don’t eat it all at once! Make sure there’s enough to bring when come back.

Though I’m not a big fan, I’d have to recommend some wheat bread to go with the bologna to make a proper sandwich and all.

I was going to suggest an Indigo Girls CD, but I’m bad at this.

“By the way, you’re taking some liberties with conventional spelling in your puzzles.” Tom noted, weakly.