A Valentine's Day Spring Is In The Air Sorta MMP

Ok, let me get this outta the way first…

Whew… glad that’s over! :smiley:

This week is supposed to be high’s in the upper 60s and sunny most of the week. Not unusual weather for around here in mid February. It’s the first hint of spring. I’ve noticed buds on trees and some greenin’ in the [del]weeds[/del] grass. Of course a month from now when the pine trees are beginnin’ their Spring orgy I will be most unhappy cause their yellow orgy leavin’s get on everything. I don’t have pine trees. My neighbors have pine trees. However, the trees won’t keep it in their own yahds. Stoopid trees.

For now however, nice mild temps. Come on Spring!

Carry on.

1st! W00T!

One more day of insanity. My birthday martini kit will help.

Happy VD, everyone.

An announcement: The Annex has heat!

Verizoff has until COB to get the damned phone and intartoobz working, or I will cancel them altogether and get something else (Metrocast cable: you guys better have your shit together. Hint, hint…).

Off to get cup #2 of WTHU. Carry on.

Let’s hope they are not known as Metroworst.
Couldn’t this be solved by a new chunk of 4 conductor between the interface and the inside box?

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! Fun Valentine-related links, courtesy of NPR:

Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day cartoons



Good morning all! I’ve had coffee and a bit of brekkie at home; I’m now at work.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Glad that you have heat, BBBBBobbio, and good luck with the phone & Internet service. Thanks for getting us started today, Swampy and for the hint about V-Day. :wink:

I’m feeling some better this morning, but my daughter is really sick. I’m just trying to stay as well as I can! Hope everyone has a bearable day. :slight_smile:

Probably. It smacks of a single point failure to me, so once the problem is found, fixing it should be rather quick…

BTW:** rosie** and FCM: I got an e-mail back from MBG. He opened an e-mail from the sender, but didn’t send the e-mail to us.

Happy hearts and flowers day!

It’s very slight not spring-like over here today. The sun’s shining and it looks like it should be really pleasant out, but I’ve just been over to my other office and there’s a pretty cold wind blowing. Apparently the arctic has had enough of being cold and is sending its air over to us.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. Who stole my weekend?

Mornin’. Happy Valentine’s Day.


I actually slept well last night, so that’s helpful. Still not too motivated, but I’m at work, so yay.

Carry on…

It sure felt like Spring here. Had a slew of plants bought at Winter prices waiting for the last cold morning which, as far as forecaster could tell, was this weekend. So Saturday and Sunday were ‘out with the cold and in with renew’ days. Sore today, but a good sore.

Oh… and Happy VD.

It is indeed Valentine’s Day. I am making fires for dinner in honour of Mr. Lissar’s birthday.

He hates that his birthday is Valentine’s Day. :smiley:
Morning, all.

The Annex now has phone and Intartoobz. I’m on a roll…

Valentine’s Day is big in Thailand. I kid you not, but many teenage girls pick this day to lose their virginity with their boyfriend, and every year there are government campaigns admonishing them not to do that, but still every year on this day (or night), the short-time love hotels do a brisk trade in horny high-schoolers. One year, the police threatened to bust in on the rooms with local news camera crews to shame any teenagers seen going into a love hotel, but it turned out to be an empty threat. For one thing, do you know how many love hotels Bangkok has? No way they could have covered them all.

As for the wife and me, we always do something for it. This year, we had big steak dinners at Outback. Got her some stuff from the Body Shop and Boots she’d been wanting, plus the obligatory chocolate. She got me some Ralph Lauren.

Happy Valentines Day, y’all! It’s going to be an insanely beautiful day here, with temperatures in the 60’s and sunny skies. I think my chances for a good snowfall rest between slim and none.

Yay for cable and intartoobz BBBobbio! We were worried we wouldn’t get any vounteer fire/rescue tales from Navytown. :smiley:

Happy VBDAY Mr. Lissar!

Tonight’s romantic dindin is beef veggie soup and cornbread. Ima make that peach cobbler I have not made yet also. Romantic ain’t we! I also have Vestry meetin’ the the church house tonight.

We celebrate the after Valentine’s Day sale on chawklit. That’s the most important day after all!

Ah those ancient Romans, they really had it together, didn’t they?

Tom Lerher said it best


(not safe for all work situations - The Masochism Tango)

Happy VD everyone!
So, I caught a live baby mouse with the old put a dish over it trick. Now what the hell do I do with it? It’s tiny and cute but it will grow to be big and annoying vermin like the rest of it’s ilk that mooch off my bird’s food. I’ve been killing those in large numbers with my electronic trap but I can’t just kill it outright.

Know anyone with a pet snake?