A way to prevent links from opening in a new window?

OK, when not at work, i use Firefox. One thing I love is tabbed browsing. I can have several pages open in one window and just tne one little spot on the taskbar is used. But links on the boards open in a new window. Even though I have my Firefox settings to open all links in a new tab, it seems that the boards preference to open in a new window overrides that. I know I can right click and select to open in tab from the menu, but that takes away the point of enabeling the option to oipen all links in tabs. I want to be able to do it mindlessly.

You have both settings (Load links and Load external links) set to “New Tab”? I’ve never had a link that I encounter here open in a new window…

I click my mouse wheel in Firefox.

I recommend the Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox. It gives you absolute control over the opening of windows and tabs, far more than the vanilla Firefox options.

…and if you don’t have a mousewheel, CTRL-click works too.