I need help fixing Firefox 4

I hate to pester everyone here on the SDMB, but like lots of people, I’ve found I have a computer problem that I can’t solve by Googling, and I don’t want to register with random boards to search for an answer.

The new update to Firefox is doing a real dumb thing – by default, when you click on a link embedded in a post such as this one, it opens another tab. I can click a check box in Options to get Firefox to open a new window instead. But I don’t want either of those results. I want to click a link and have the current window change to the new page. The way browsers have worked since I started browsing the web. Grrr. :mad:

I’m aware that, if I want a link to open in a new tab, I can right click and select ( I’m also aware the Firefox 4 has switched the positions of new tab/new window in that dropdown menu – Thanks, so much FF Dev Team) but sometimes I just want to leave a page behind. A Google page works like that, any of those links works like I want, jumps to a new page. Maybe it’s the type of link, but Firefox used to work the way I described.



type about:config in the address bar, find that preference, and set it to what behavior you want. that should work. I think setting it to “1” will do what you want.

it should be noted that some sites can force the new tab/window behaviour themselves in the HTML code being generated. as an example, jz78817’s link is going to open in a new tab/window regardless of your browser settings, because of the Vbulletin settings.

At forums.mozillazine.org you don’t have to register to start a thread. I ask all of my Firefox and Thunderbird questions there.

Nope, changing the value to 1 does what the OP wants. Just make sure you go to browser.link.open_newwindow and not browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction.

and away we go,

type type type
and testing …

Ahhh, now that feels more like home. Maybe it wasn’t the default and I went and set up about:config once previously, I often take those sort of tips online. At any rate I know where to look for more help. I was so lost, yesterday and this morning that I didn’t even recall – What do I type? And where? To get get what I want? Now I’ll remember – about:config

Me to… what happened to the drop down arrow next to the back button that allowed me to go back multiple pages rather than one at a time?

Press and hold on the Back button itself.

Or right click the back button.