A weak complaint about that which I cannot change

I live in Colorado. Usually the temps are in the high 70s maybe lower 80s this time of year. But it usually doesn’t climb into the 90s (as it recently has) until late July. When it does that, we usually have cooling, very cooling afternoon showers that bring the temps down to the 60s. Refreshing rain that most people think are too cold to run and play in.

Well, this year is different. It’s hot and dry. 1:49 in the morning and it’s still 83º in my office. This really sucks.

I am not whining just for myself, I think and honestly believe I am whining and moaning for a lot of my fellow western state friends. This is one weird ass summer.

Hot, dry and uncomfortable.

Okay so we don’t have the humidity that many other’s have to contend with. But keep that in mind because air conditioning is not a typical item we get when we live in a house or an apartment here. We just normally don’t have scroching summers and when you have been brought up in a dry climate, humidity or not, when it gets above 85º it’s fucking hot.

To top that off, the AC in my car took a dive at the end of last summer. I can’t afford to get it fixed right now.

Guess I shall sell my body so I can go into a hotel room that has AC. Okay not. But still, it is an enticing alternative to bitching and moaning about the oppresive heat.

I don’t know how the fuck you people do it in the south, the southwest, the southeast, and points on the east coast. You people must be insane.

But know that I am not used to consistant heat. This is not normal for us. I think I shall drive to the mountains in a day or so.

Good God, I really need to learn to preview my damn posts.


I am still hot none-the-less.

I think that there is a correlation between over-baked climate and the religious right.

Well, we all knew that, Techie! Yowza! :wink:

But yeah. This summer’s gonna suck. And they just said that the weather won’t break until at least Thursday. Bleach.


A heat index of 110 for us today, and we’re in the north. That ain’t right.

My solution is to stay late at work. Very late. To make up for that, though, I’m going to slack off all day. Sixteen hours of half-assed work equals one full day, right?

We’ve had 94 F + temperatures out here for the last three days, and even before that it wasn’t dipping much below 80. Being on the Great Lakes, the humidity is horrible. This summer is definitely the most extreme I can remember in a while. We’ve already hit 10 days above 90 degrees just this month; and the average is around 13 or 14 days total for the summer. I’m dreading August. Ugh
I don’t have AC in my car or my house either techchick–awful, isn’t it? I feel your pain, and your sweat…:slight_smile:

Yes, and with freshly shaved legs to boot.

Techy, I hear your pain. Working at home this summer has been absolutely miserable. I’m sticky and sweaty an hour after I take a shower. I go to the grocery store simply because it’s air conditioned. I have been counting the days until I get out of this 3$!$#@ heat. I HATE IT!

Us’ns in The South get through the summers by always being in air-conditioning. You go from your house to your car, to work, to your car, to the store, to your car, to your house. If any of these is not air-conditioned - you have a problem. Some extreme examples at my house have been compared to…well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Last August our air-conditioner was out for THREE FUCKING DAYS!!! You go take a shower with all cold water, don’t dry off, and lay on the bed under the ceiling fan, naked. And try to sleep. Several of these during the night would let me get enough sleep so that I could get up and go to work where they had the blessed cooled air.


  • down here in Houston, where 90° is cool - compared to the 100°, 100% humidity days that are yet to come…AAAGGGHHHH!

(As to the OP, I really do feel your pain! Go buy a small window unit!)

I’m in Boston, and it was 92 today. On the news, I just saw that it was 85 in Miami. That’s just fucked up wrong.

To top it off, I’m in the middle of my summer ice cream job. 10 hours a day of sweating to death. No AC, no fans, just long miserable heat. We’reallowed to wear shorts, but if we do, we take the risk of being criticized by the owner. She’s 84, has been in charge for over 40 years, and has very specefic ways she wants her employees to look. “Pam, those shorts are kinda short…do you have anything longer you can change into? You look like a whore. We’re selling ice cream here, not sex.”

I wear pants for the most part…it saves me a lot of hassle.

It’s called an air conditioner.

Seriously, my A/C is on about 8 months out of the year. My heater is on maybe 2 and then we have about 2 months where it’s comfortable enough to get by with opening the windows.

When we went to Durango, CO a couple of years ago in June, we freaked out to find out that our room had 3 heating systems and NO air conditioner! NO A/C? Who’s heard of that? And a few of those days, it was actually kind of warm, so we went to Wal-Mart and bought a little fan to stick in the window.

Let me just add that I feel terrible pity for Dolores Claiborne for her loss of A/C in August. I mean, we’re talking 100+ degree days, most likely. August is the hottest month of the year. I think it’s even hotter in Houston than in DFW.

And what the hell is with us getting rain in July? July?!? We don’t get rain in July! And it was only 83 degrees outside. What’s next, pulling out a long-sleeved shirt? Damn it. I haven’t seen a 100 degree day YET!

Hehe, someone has been reading my LJ.

I had a high of 97º at my house today. My thermometer is set on a north facing part of the house that is against the garage.

Good Lord, that is WAY hot for here, way, way, way fucking hot.

I will be wearing shorts to lunch with my friends tomorrow, I don’t care if my legs are white as snow, it’s all about COMFORT.


I had the (portable) evaporative cooler on a great deal of the day so it’s much cooler in here tonight but still sick of the fucking heat.

I moved my bed to the living room for the summer, cause that’s where my air conditioner is, and it won’t fit in the bedroom window. My electric bill is going to be hell, but I figure it won’t be a whole lot more than I would spend doing laundry if I didn’t run it since I’d be changing clothes about three times a day as they get sweaty and stinky.