ABC's remake of 'V': Clips are up...

ABC has posted some clips from the upcoming remake of ‘V’.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll watch every episode, if only because of Morena Baccarin.

From a Sci-Fi standpoint, it’s a little hard to get a read on the show from these clips…

I was probably the biggest fan of “V” when I was a kid. It aired when I was in the 5th and 6th grade. I was hoping to see some nice call-baks to the old series, like that .|˙ symbol.

From what I’ve seen so far of the alien technology, it looks a little bland and unimaginative. I’m getting a sense of the ominous, but they better be something-non-human underneath their human skin. I hope it can bring something original to the table, without crossing over into campy-ville. I didn’t really care for the “WE COME IN PEACE” talking head projected on the bottomside of the ship. Seemed a little silly.

And the big question: Will Morena swallow a guinea pig whole?

Just got back from the ABC upfront where they showed us some extended clips of this show. It looks really cool and they did show a very brief clip of someone tearing the human skin back to reveal green alien-lizard skin. Good stuff!

I thought it was quite well done and, frankly, creepy.

The whole point of “V,” at least initially, wasn’t the sci-fi at all, it was the insinuative (if that isn’t a word, it should be) nature of fascism. It was an Anschluss on a planetary scale. The aliens didn’t come in shooting, they came in with a big PR budget, and completely fooled the human race.

The big talking head thing strikes me as being exactly what a smart invader would do. What do we love more than TV, and what would better convince us than a pretty model on TV? It works to sell everyone else. Combine that with the religios symbolism of speaking to us from the heavens and it’s a slam dunk. Invite them in! Let’s be friends!

It’s only later that you find out your new friends don’t plan on leaving. The Visitors don’t conquer Earth with Erwin Rommel’s skills, they did it with Leni Riefenstahl’s skills… and the latter is, in a way, a lot more frightening.

This is encouraging!

Why the hell would they want to redo, and most likely screw up a precious TV memory from my childhood!.. was the reaction I had when I first heard about the Re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica, and we think we all know how that turned out. So I’ve been fairly optimistic towards this new V. At least a lot more than I would have been five years ago. The clips look interesting. And is that Wilson from House in the second clip, the guy just watching off to the side?

It appears it’s not Robert Sean Leonard.

I think it looks AWESOME - I adored V as a kid. There are so few things to look forward to on the network Fall schedule (freaking Leno five times a week), this is definitely a highlight.

I liked V when I saw it as a kid, but according to this dude I know it turns out that there were two V series, so I’m not sure which one I saw. That’s more frustrating than it should be. Hmm, weird.

That lizard baby gave me nightmares. I blame that, the entire movie It’s Alive and the maggot baby from The Fly for why childbirth squicks me out so much today. How do you know you’re not going to give birth to some horrible changeling? :eek:

There was two mini series and an ongoing series that ran for a couple of seasons. IIRC that half breed lizard baby was a storyline in the ongoing series.

The face in the sky bit was too cheesy IMHO.