AC repairman is hitting on my fiancee...BAH!


I just received a text message from my fiancee that the AC repairman fixing the AC unit at our apartment is hitting on her, asking her if she is single, and making other odd comments. I know that she can take care of herself, and is probably telling the fellow off right now…she is a feisty creature with a mean streak to end all mean streaks (if you piss her off). I also know that the large dog sitting beside her will make sure that no harm befalls her.

BUT…I wish that I was not at work right now so that I could shoot a few nasty looks in the AC repairman’s general direction in addition to the horrific verbal berating that I am sure he is getting from my fiancee right about now.


Console yourself thusly: At least the repairman has good taste, right? And who would want a fiancee that repairmen don’t hit on?

Well, he only came over because your fiancee is totally hot.


Hmmm…that was the plot of a movie I saw once…

Maybe before she verbally berates him she can get him to knock a few bucks off the price?

As they say, if you can’t stand the heat get a new repairman…

I thought when I saw this thread that you walked in on them together, so consider yourself lucky. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand this. I don’t feel the guy deserves a verbal berating for inquiring about her single status. If she tells him she’s involved, and he persues further, then give it to him. But otherwise, how the hell is he supposed to know? He just a guy looking out for himself. You know, like you did when you courted her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmf, it is appropriate to hit on someone you meet in a SOCIAL context - bars, parties, at a movie theater…it is seriously wrong to hit on someone you meet in a business context. In general, one of you is a ‘captive audience’ and it can be SERIOUSLY uncomfortable to be forced to sit there and have to deal with someone hitting on you without being able to escape.

Is it available on video?

Yeah! What aruvqan said!

Had she met this fellow while at the grocery store or something like that, then I have no problem with the situation. However, this was the AC repairman who had to be in our apartment to fix stuff, and he took it upon himself to try to ask my fiancee out even after he knew she was not single. She informed him in no uncertain terms that there would not be any manner of social interaction between them at all, and eventually he gave up.

Exactly, I have had my share of guys hitting on me at the store, or in a bar/eatery in a hotel while traveling [i used to travel a lot for one of my past jobs, so I could either eat in my room or grab a book and eat in the hotel eatery. Hotel rooms alone get very boring after a while and it is nice to see other humans interacting]

My dad gave me advice on never dating anybody I worked with, or would interact with me at work [like a saleshominid that comes in every few months] and I have followed it ever since. How would you like someone at your job that you have had a messy break up with able to spread tales of what kinks you might have, or even if you dont do gerbils or horses, they could still spread rumors of what you have as fetishes and since you dated people would tend to believe them… :frowning: