Actress Ellen Page come out

She was at a conference focused on issues in the gay community and announced she was gay and “tired of hiding or lying by omission.”

Good for her - hopefully this helps her from a personal standpoint. Seems a bit surprising to me - I kinda found her…unsexual? Petite, cerebral, dry-humored, pretty in a plain sorta way, but not someone who gave off a sexual vibe. Clueless straight male that I am, perhaps that should’ve been a clue.

Ohhh, there are a lot of us straight men who would totally differ re Ellen Page’s sexual vibe.


Oh, how am I supposed to watch Juno now?

Oh - I get that my YMMV varies. She’s got charisma; it just doesn’t translate that way to me.

Attractiveness is a very funny thing; I was describing how beautiful I find Jennifer Garner and 60’s French singer Francoise Hardy in one thread and got slammed for finding women with a “man jaw!” attractive. We all have our types.


Most actors in movies are pretending to be something that they’re not. That’s kind of the point.

Apparently I need to use more emoticons or something. I wasn’t being serious.

Juno know it was never supposed to be real? Juno Ellen Page is an actress? Juno gay women can get pregnant? Juno I used to think Michael Cera was a gay woman? Juno Sunny D makes you pee? Juno that song they did at the end ended up getting totally overplayed for about 29 months? Juno Allison Janney is supercool and has been known to pantomine “The Jackal”?

P.S. Yes, Jophiel, I knew you were joking but I couldn’t resist the chance to do all the "Juno"s!!!

Well, good for her. Although, wasn’t this one of those “Open Secret” thingies like with Ricky Martin, New Spock, Usher or Tom Cruise?

Like, I’m 100% positive I’ve read/heard about her being gay back when Hard Candy first came out.

One unfortunate effect of faking being straight in Hollywood is that people go thru fake dating cycles. E.g., Page once “dated” Alexander Skarsgård for a while. He also “dated” another actress believed to be gay. So he’s going to have more crap about that to deal with.

So when your fake ex-girlfriend/boyfriend does come out, it makes that question of sexual orientation which was being evaded even more prominent than if they hadn’t fake dated at all.

If people just stopped trying to fake it (they don’t need to come out, just don’t try to pretend), they could avoid a lot of complications for them and others. Even better, if the media just stopped caring about orientation completely.

I thought she already was out. Seemed obvious.

Sorry. But, yeah, deadpan sarcasm doesn’t work well on the internet.

To be fair, I did italicize “now” to try to convey intent :wink:

I know it’s not rational, but I do still feel a twinge of disappointment whenever an someone I am rather attracted to comes out, even if I would have had no chance with her otherwise. Perhaps it is because I fear that, should I meet someone who attracts me in a similar way, she will also turn out to be gay.

And while I’d be happy for her to express her true self, I hope that she has been otherwise presenting her true self and not putting on an act–because that would mean the person I like is an act. I’ve known people who come out and then start acting like a completely different person.

No, no, no, they got it wrong. It’s supposed to be Colossus who comes out, not Shadowcat. I swear these Hollywood people never even read the source material.

Awesome! Good for her. Even though I have a little crush on her.

Yeah, you had a shot.

She is very hot to me, a guy.

But there were rumors about this. I guess because she never seemed to have a boyfriend.

She always favored comfortable shoes. I mean really, she did.

Good for her! Everybody thinks Juno when they think of her but the first thing thing that comes to my mind is the tiny indie Super, where she plays a demented “superhero” named Boltie, who’s thrilled by the idea that she can beat the shit out of people. That she’s mostly beating up bad guys is a perk but it’s not her primary concern, they don’t have to be felons. She has fun beating up people who are annoying, like a healthy person parking in a handicapped spot. It’s not a great movie, but Boltie is a great character and Page is great as Boltie.

Boltie Beats Bastard Bigots!