Actual forums user "RedFury" does not like Jews

Red would probably be the first to acknowledge that we don’t always see eye to eye but…wtf? I seriously can’t parse either the OP, the linked thread or the subsequent posts.

What’s an ‘Actual forums user’?


If I were RedFury I sure would know what my new custom title would be.

Well, Red Ryder did write a song called Lunatic Fringe.

We all know they’re out there.

The OP first opened a thread denouncing Redd Foxx (or RedFox), whereupon people pointed out that there is no such user, and that he meant to say RedFury.

For the record, I believe this is the post the OP is pitting:

As to debating the content, I really don’t have the energy anymore. Some people are just anti-Semitic assholes who take any opportunity to slam Jews or Israel.

I thought that was a secret weapon used by Ryu in Street Fighter IV…

I believe this is correct, Moorish or lessish.

Thanks…I had no idea what that meant.


I’ll say. You took my Pit cherry many moons ago.

How goes it w/you?

What Morbo said. :wink:

Of course, Red really is a racist even though the OP for this thread is awful.
And unless I miss my guess, this is the second time Red has taken a personalized title due to someone objecting to the fact that he’s a racist. It’s almost as if he takes some sort of pleasure out of trying to upset people who don’t like anti-Semitism, and then wears it as a badge of honor that he got some good ol’ Jew baiting done.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Every time you post, somewhere, a puppy gets rabies.

Thank you Clowny, who’d have thought that you might charge in bravely to defend the rights of racists everywhere (as long as I say something bad about them first, naturally).
Your integrity and intellect serve as a beacon of hope for reptiles everywhere.

Oh good. Frothy has found friend. This should end well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they could make babies. At least, it would take him off his computer, something he hasnt done in weeks.

Funny, those who accuse me of “frothing” are generally idiots and/or liars who get ever so upset at being called out but strangely can never actually show how I’m incorrect. I might point out, as an example,your Conspiracy Theory whereby tomndebb is my buddy and grants me special treatment, but moderation for calling another poster an idiot and telling them to shut up in Great Debates is biased moderation if factual rebuttals are being offered that a mental defective like you thinks have a “nasty tone and attitude”. Of course, that was a thread in which you went berserk in ATMB of all places (because you’re too fucking stupid to find the Pit) while being too shit-stupid to understand the irony of your having a raving fit and resorting to personal insults since you couldn’t touch on the facts of the matter… while vomiting up shit about someone else “frothing at the mouth”.

You are simply an intellectual cripple and a coward, facts that show you have verbal diarrhea can’t be dealt with, and you have to merely flail about and claim that the facts are bad and mean and “spittle flecked.” You’re the type of idiot who clings so fiercely to a position of military stupidity that if you’re proven wrong, all you can do is flip out and rant about how someone else is being ever-so-mean to you… but somehow you can’t bring yourself to show how they’re wrong about anything, at all. “I’m being stupid and wrong and ignorant and you proved that by attacking my argument, and I can’t rebut what you’ve said, so I’ll just allege that you’re rabid. Yah, that’s the ticket!”

Of course, as you’re mildly retarded, it probably doesn’t cross your mind that you’re admitting that you can’t even hold your own in a debate with someone who you, yourself, consider to be irrational.
Poor stupid bastard, I’d almost feel sorry for you if it wasn’t more effort than you’re worth.

Also, predictably, you too have decided to change the subject since the fact that Red is a racist is nowhere near as attractive to you as vomiting up some nonsense about how your claims being repeatedly rebutted on factual grounds is “frothing”.

Frothy, you’re pretty much one of the biggest jokes around here, probably only second to Dio.

Over the years you’ve shown yourself to be a giant disgrace to your Jewish and Israeli friends, and it’s sad how much you’ve hurt their cause. Frankly, it’s embarrasing how you’ve become such a huge joke around here - your “walls of posts” are pretty well known, aren’t they? - how many 30+ page pit threads do we need to show how pathetic you are?

It’s clear to everyone that you are an embarrassment to your cause, and do more harm than good. It’s pretty easy to search for “FinnAgain” here and see how sad and pathetic you really are.

You all smell like fish.

Now I want a Red Furry burger. With big knobs.

Now, now…I promised not to bring up his fucked up personal life…:stuck_out_tongue:

Soapboxes dont make up for lack of soap?