Actual forums user "RedFury" does not like Jews

In response to a moderator request to take it to the BBQ Pit:

RedFury has decided to accuse anyone who believes anti-Semitism exists at all, ever, of being an agent of the Israeli government.

His response to a request to discuss anti-Semitism in the U.S. and Europe is to crow that he is correct in his assertion that anti-Semitism is, 100% of the time, an accusation used against those who do not “toe the line” of Israeli infallibility.

The fact that neither the thread, nor any posters in it, nor the film that is the subject of the OP, were previously defending or discussing Israel does not deter him (nor, for what it’s worth, do any moderators seem interested in deterring his bigoted comments).

This is the typical position of both the far left and the far right: turn every discussion of Jews into a discussion of Israel; refuse to let the two subjects diverge; hold all Jews responsible for Israel’s actions; defend every anti-Semite, no matter what they say or do, as a legitimate protestor of Israeli policy; then, insist that it is only the other side that conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism and play the censorship card.

And his name is not RedFox.

That is a lunatic reading of what he said. Seek help.

Your link isn’t working for me. I get a 404 error.

Why did you have to start a new thread? You should have had to live with your old mistake. Your own damn fault you couldn’t even get his name right.

What is an Actual Forums User?

Why did you make up a bunch of bullshit and attribute it to RedFury?

Perhaps you could start a third thread where you accurately characterize what he said.

I don’t know about this Red Fox character, but the Red Robin restaurant makes a mighty fine avocado burger.

Red Rover! Red Rover! Send coherence over!

Whether **RedFury **should be pitted or not is hard to tell, but the OP is making an idiot of himself.

WTF? Link to the post you’re upset about. And don’t start another thread to do it.

The rest of you are such anti-semites, it’s obvious!

Making an idiot? I do believe the process has been complete for quite some time.

The RedBaron does not like Sopwith Camels.

The other thread was funnier. Just saying.

I should go through that entire thread to find out what he said? Find it yourself and tell us what post, and I’ll consider being angry on your behalf.

Now I want a Red Fury burger.

In the context of a thread which was not discussing Israel, but discussing anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S. to that point, the invocation of legions of Israel defenders and the confusion of anti-Semitism with opinions on Israeli policy is, clearly, motivated by one and only one thing.

Later on:

Again, the topic is simply the existence of anti-Semitism in Europe or the U.S., using examples such as rocks being thrown at a school bus in New York. To bring up “the line dictated by the Israeli Government and their devoted American brethren” [sic] is motivated by one and only one thing.

Where do you get this?

And this.

Note that your assertions contain absolutes, which are easily refuted by a single counter example.

This is my favorite thing today. Thank you.

Dude, as I said in the originating thread you need to watch the goddamn movie prior to engaging in any sort of debate about it. However, after attempting to parse your OP, I realize it was the wrong advice to give – you need a software upgrade first.

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